If you’re like most
sales enablement companies or teams, you’ve onboarded tens (if not hundreds) of sellers around the world, enabled and certified your revenue teams on new messaging, positioning, and product knowledge, and smashed your revenue targets for 2021.

However, 2022 is a new year with ambitious goals and challenges. You may be unsure if you can do it without some adjustments to your resources, processes, or technology.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could acquire everything you need to meet your 2022 objectives? So, just in case something happens, we’ve compile this checklist to make sure you’re cover.

Don’t be surprise if any of these sound strange. All of these things (and more) are possible with the Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform. So your 2022 goals might be as close as an evaluation process away.

  1. Onboarding can be automate, personalise, and scale.

     If you’re like most sales enablement leaders, you’d rather spend less time hand-holding and more time strategizing programmes that drive ongoing seller performance beyond the first 90 days. A sales readiness software automates your onboarding process from start to finish and customises training based on each seller’s experience and background.

  • Take notes on buyer encounters, analyse them, and give them a score.

While it would be ideal, it isn’t practical to accompany every seller on every call to record everything they say and provide individualised feedback – but you can with conversation intelligence. It’s all about discovering and repeating your top representatives’ winning behaviours in 2022.

  • Make your sales launch one to remember. 

You’re probably already preparing a memorable, impactful, and enjoyable hybrid sales launch in 2022. You can utilise an SKO toolkit to help launch this preparation by providing a structure with best practices for pre-work, breakout sessions, and post-SKO activities.

  • Choose a sales content solution that is tailore to how sellers interact with the material. 

Best-in-class sales-readiness platforms have extensive indexing capabilities that go beyond titles and metadata, ensuring that sellers always locate the best, most relevant material. Smart search is also available in sales content management solutions, making it easier for salespeople to find what they need.

  • Understand what sellers are doing in the field. 

Let’s face it: you have no idea whether your talk tracks, material, or training best practices is being use or helping you close deals right now. You can acquire important insights to better your sales enablement and marketing efforts if you use a conversation intelligence solution.

  • Find out how to create the ideal salesperson. 

You know what your ideal customer profile (ICP) is, but if you’re like most sales teams, you have no idea what your ideal rep profile (IRP) is. You may use this formula to figure out what your high performers’ essential abilities and performance benchmarks are, and then design enablement and coaching programmes to help them reproduce those behaviours across the company.

  1. Assess the success of your sales enablement software efforts. 

With so much on your plate, it can be difficult to take a step back and determine which sales enablement efforts are working and which need to be re-evaluate. This year, you may be able to link enablement initiatives to business results such as revenue and ramp time.

  • Finally, organise your content. 

You can’t manage material in the right way retrospectively with a snap of your fingers, but the right sales content solution can streamline your process and put an end to the version control nightmare once and for all. Last but not least, conduct a content audit. It’s feasible to gain insight into the stuff that’s actually being use – even training course content. This might be the year you adopt a sales content system that instantly changes material across all platforms.

  • Your coaches should be coache.

Make sure your frontline managers are sales coaching superstars if you want to reach your targets this year. Make it a priority to train managers on how to adjust their coaching to the strengths and shortcomings of individual reps.

  • Roll out new sales enablement programmes quickly and easily. 

Make 2022 the year you’re better prepare to launch all of the programmes you’ll need to launch this year in response to your competitors and the market. Alternatively, choose a platform that allows you to swiftly design and launch new programmes in minutes rather than hours or days.

  • Make sure your sales training is effective. 

Currently, sellers forget over 90% of what they learn in 30 days, and you need a mechanism to keep reinforcing concepts until they remember them and can apply them in the field. It’s feasible to consolidate seller learning into long-term information with adaptive, spaced reinforcement quizzes.

  • Allow sellers to rehearse their pitches with ease. 

Your sellers should stop practising their pitches on potential purchasers in 2022. You can use AI-powered practise technology to allow kids to practise on their own, whenever and wherever they choose and receive quick feedback to help them develop.

  • Reach your gigantic sales target for 2022. 

When tracking overall seller performance, eight out of ten sales teams hit more than 75% of their quota. When they prioritise individual seller productivity and efficiency.

So, by tackling the aforementioned objectives you can stop depending on 20% of your sellers. To accomplish 80% of your sales targets and instead build a well-rounded team of high performers.

It’s impossible to stress the value of constantly helping your sales crew. After all, a great sales enablement strategy is how reps gain the knowledge they need to engage in successful interactions. With prospects and customers – and, as a result, help the organisation meet its goals. As a result, expecting traditional LMSs or onboarding solutions to assist you in achieving your objectives is likely to disappoint.

Summing Up:

We work with sales leaders from a number of sectors, countries, and marketplaces at Mindtickle. While their organisational and competitive problems differ. Every sales leader faces the same challenge: ensuring that salespeople are prepare to meet sales targets. They always talk about how they need to strengthen their sales enablement efforts with people, technology, and processes.
It’s not surprising, Because, despite a 343 % growth in adoption over the previous five years. Only 27.5 % of stakeholders believe sales enablement programmes today meet or exceed their objectives, according to CSO Insights data.

Do you want to see for yourself. How the Mindtickle Sales Readiness platform may help you fulfil all of your New Year’s resolutions?
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