Top 6 Qualities of a Good Nursery School

Top 6 Qualities of a Good Nursery School


Sending your child to nursery school is a momentous occasion. It’s the start of school, and it’s only going to get better from there. But before you’re tempted to imagine your child going to first grade or even second grade, high school or college already, start right from the beginning: nursery school. One way to get your child ready is to talk about what they can expect from school: making new friends, learning from a teacher, and playing after class. 

However, before all that can happen, you’ll need to get over a hurdle. That is, you need to pick a nursery school. With these top qualities, you’ll find it much easier to narrow down your options and pinpoint which nursery school right for your child.   


Secure and Safe Premises for Nursery School

The nursery school is often one of the first places where you leave your child, away from yourself from the first time. It’s important that you’re sure that they’re safe and protected before you drop them off at school. A school that protects your child is a wonderful choice that any parent would be happy with. 

Good Nursery School Set Ground Rules

You want to make sure your child is safe every time you drop your little one off at nursery school. If all your child’s classes have been online so far, then the moment in-person classes resume, you’ll be glad you picked a school that’s doing its part to keep the premises safe from exposure to the virus.  

Nursery Schools need to be strict to get the children to follow the rules. If a school is disorganised, that’s not a good sign. Since it could mean that if your child ever fell ill, for instance, a disorganised school won’t know what to do with the little one. Some of them might ignore what’s happening, while others might try to help but not be entirely sure how. With a school that’s organised, there are already measures in place on how to handle emergencies. In this case, that’s even more reassuring as the pandemic continues. 

Nursery School Has Great Teachers 

Teachers are taught and trained how to spot signs of trouble in their students or problems that they could offer help with. They know how to discipline children in a way that doesn’t break their spirits or crush their creativity, sense of fun, and playfulness. The teachers know how to talk to the children to make them understand why their behaviour was wrong and why they shouldn’t do it again. That method works better instead of schools that humiliate the students to discourage them from destructive behaviour. Your child will have tantrums and meltdowns. It’s essential that you find a nursery school that mirrors your beliefs and teaches the students how to improve their mindset and attitude while scoring high on their grades. 


Stimulating Curriculum in Nursery School

Look for a nursery school that offers a stimulating learning programme to students. Is your child academically gifted? Then this is a good option as talented children often have a hard time finding academic challenges that suit them. By choosing a school that can provide for your child’s learning needs, you can help your child’s academic development. Be sure to ask, though, what the curriculum will include. Have the school’s representative tell you how a typical school day goes. Do the children have more than enough time to socialise, eat, do arts and crafts, and even a bit of free time? That kind of schedule is ideal as it recognises the importance of giving students a break. Too much information in one day won’t aid retention and often hinders it. That’s also why creative subjects are scheduled after subjects that require analytical reasoning and go right before extracurricular activities so that the students can do physical exercises after they’ve done their academic learning for the day. 

Values Learning 

The best quality of an international school in Toky is its ability to instil values and good attitudes in the students. A good nursery school knows the importance of raising children who are academically as well as mentally, emotionally, and physically strong. Learning values helps with that. As children grow up in the time of the pandemic, they’re seeing behaviours and problems that have never beset a generation before. That already means that your child is so much stronger for not giving up. If you want your child to continue growing up in this vein, look for a nursery school that offers a holistic approach to education. 

Good Reputation 

What kind of reputation does the nursery school have? Reach out to other contacts and ask. If there’s nothing particularly wrong with the school, then research some more. The answers will help you choose the right school for your child.   

These are some of the top qualities of a good nursery school. If you are looking for a nursery school in Japan, make sure you check out GIIS Tokyo, as it imbibes all these qualities.