How to Access Blocked Manga Websites – Top 5 VPNs to Use in 2022

How to Access Blocked Manga Websites – Top 5 VPNs to Use in 2022

mangastream alternative websites
mangastream alternative websites

There are so many platforms out there that claim to offer a huge collection of manga websites to their readers. However, not all manga reading sites are available in all regions. If you have read all the interesting manga from a site and you need something new to read, that might be a problem for you. Some mangastream alternative websites are only available in certain countries due to political, cultural, and geographical restrictions. However, there is a way you can access these platforms without having to actually move to these areas. You can use free or paid VPN tools to change your server location with the one. Where certain manga sites are not blocked. These tools are secure and they keep your online activities hidden.

Here are some of the best VPNs that you can use for manga reading from blocked sites:

Private Internet Access:

This app offers complete encryption and a no-logs policy which ensures you face no security threats whatsoever. It is also highly effective for torrenting both manga anime series from anywhere around the world. The best part about the app is that you can run this VPN on 10 devices simultaneously without experiencing much difference in speed or facing fluctuations. The app offers more than 20,000 serves located at different locations which you can access and watch pr read anything you want.

Nord VPN:

This app is easy to use and is effective for both new and advanced users who have been reading manga for decades. This tool hides stuff like browsing history, timestamps, and server information of the user which gives them a completely safe experience.
You can access any server you want to be based on anti-DDOs, double VPN, video streaming, etc. This app offers more than 5K servers located in 60 different countries across the globe thus, making sure you never run out of new manga to read in your free time.


This tool comes with robust encryption and provides a very fast connection speed. The tool offers HMAC authentication and perfect forward secrecy which allows you to mangastream alternative websites without worrying about any repercussions. It has a kill switch option that hides your identity in case your connection drops suddenly. You can use this tool on devices like macOS, windows, androids, and Linux-based systems. With 3000 thousand active servers, this tool allows you access unlimited content from anywhere around the world.

You can generally pick an anime VPN to get to all the impeded substances. To ensure that you are utilizing the right VPN, the following are a couple of variables that you should consider;

US and Japan:

The VPN should have US and Japan servers. Why? Since the US claims the greatest anime stages, Netflix and Crunchyroll. Also, Japan is the convention point of anime and manga.


Security is of the most extreme significance while picking a VPN. It ought to give you all the assurance you want like concealing your IP address and keeping you mysterious.


You really want to utilize an anime VPN that is super-quick and doesn’t make you stand by to get to your beloved substance. You ought to think about the speed and guarantee that it associates you to whatever site you need to access with next to no postponements.

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CyberGhost VPN:

This app is beginner-friendly due to having a simple UI and various customization features. The app provides seven simultaneous connections without affecting the downloading speed at all. The app offers excellent encryption and P2P support which protects users from any hacking or malware attacks.

This tool is ideal for unblocking various mangastream alternative websites from across the globe. Try out this VPN tool if you are looking for a seamless streaming and torrenting experience without losing your privacy in the process.

VPN accompanies a few free server choices so you can associate with the ones you need. For instance, for anime VPN, to associate with the Japan organization, you simply need to introduce the VPN and afterward pick the “Japan” server from the server choices.

Hotspot Shield:

Try out this amazing VPN with 3000 faster servers located in 70 different countries. This VPN uses 560-bit encryption to hide your every online activity which gives you the safest manga reading experience. You can also contact the app’s customer support which is available 24/7 in case you face any issues.

You can use sites like Netflix, Crunchyroll, and much other manga as well as anime sources via this VPN any time you want. The app offers a consistent connection and complete protection against DNS leaks.

Private Internet Access (PIA) is one of the most amazing VPNs for torrenting and is incredibly famous among Reddit’s protection local area. This all-around acquired endorsement is predominantly because of it demonstrating its no-logs strategy in court… two times! In addition, PIA offers exceptional torrenting support and awesome encryption customization. Along these lines, it’s not great for amateurs – but rather assuming you’re a high-level client searching for a VPN to deluge anime and manga, this is an awesome choice that won’t burn through every last cent.

Sadly, PIA needs jumbling, however, simple shrouding is as yet reachable by using TCP over port 443. It is not the slightest bit indispensable for torrenting anime and manga in Japan. With its silly 20,000+ servers, you’ll make certain to have reliably quick rates.

Final Thoughts:

Now you know how to unblock free manga sites using some of the most effective online tools by yourself. By using these tools you will be ensuring your online identity stays secure and that you are able to read any manga you find interesting no matter your location and other restrictions. Visit past news for more exciting stuff.

We really hope this article helps you access the manga reading sites that you want. Just make sure to pick the tool which has the highest app store ratings and more positive reviews and there will be nothing to worry about. So, install any one of these tools, and have endless fun streaming your favorite manga series.