Important documents for a UK Spouse visa 2022

Important documents for a UK Spouse visa 2022

UK Spouse visa

The most important information that the Home Office asks you to provide against your spouse visa application is documents.

When applying for a UK Spouse Visa, it’s easy to overlook the importance of supporting documentation. Many applications, however, are turned down because the proper documents were not submitted, were organised wrongly, or contained inaccurate information. With the cost of a UK Spouse Visa currently exceeding £1,523, you can’t afford to make such a mistake.

The documentation you’ll need to provide with your application will vary depending on your situation. This is why hiring an expert Immigration Solicitor is well worth the money. They will take the time to learn about you and your spouse’s position before tailoring your application to showcase its strengths and explain any deficiencies.

Let’s talk about the key documents to be sent to the UK Home Office. Your documents are supposed to testify that you are eligible to apply for a UK Spouse visa and thereafter for settlement(ILR).

Documents are based on the following criteria for spouse visa applications

You must be:

  • Over the age of 18,
  • be a British or Irish citizen, or have Indefinite Leave to Remain, or have Pre-Settled or Settled Status, or be a refugee or humanitarian, and
  • fulfil the Minimum Income Requirements.
  • have adequate lodging criteria for applicants

You must also:

  • Have been married in a way recognised by UK law for at least 18 years and
  • have a decent command of the English language(as per CEFR standards)


Key documents checklist

There are 5 crucial documents to be sent in.

  1. Proof that one of the spouses is a settled person in the United Kingdom

Both of you must provide copies of your current and previous passports. If the sponsoring spouse has Indefinite Leave to Remain, it will appear in their passport as a vignette. You can check your settled and pre-settled status online.

  1. Marriage certificate

Your marriage certificate serves as evidence that your union is legal. You must offer a translation if your marriage certificate is not in English.


After all, anyone can be married for the sake of convenience, therefore a marriage certificate isn’t enough to establish your love is genuine. Include papers such as emails, messages, and letters you’ve sent each other, statements from relatives and friends, images of you spending time together, copies of joint bank accounts, and proof that you’ve been living together to boost your chances of getting approved.


  1. Employment payslips

The sponsoring spouse must be able to demonstrate that they earn at least £18,600 per year(subject to change with dependents on application). As a result, you’ll need to submit pay stubs, bank records, your job contract, and a letter from your employer certifying your employment status for the previous 12 months.


  1. English language proficiency test certificate

You need to prove a minimum A1 level of English proficiency in listening and speaking. You must take IELTS for the same, since it is a secure En test authorised by the Home office. In case you belong to an English speaking nation, then you may be exempted.


  1. Accommodation proof


A letter from your landlord, housing association, mortgage lender, or family or friend with whom you are living can all be used as proof of residence. The letter must state how many people live on the property and whether it is overcrowded.

Seek out legal advice for a successful application

Your spouse visa application needs to be completed without any gap in the documentation.

For this reason, you must hire an immigration solicitor to help you out with the applications.

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