Which Email Does Not Require Phone Number?

Which Email Does Not Require Phone Number?


Most of us prefer to have our mobile number to be kept safe for our security purpose. This is because we want our own privacy and to avoid our number being distributed in a large circle. So this might even lead to not giving our phone number while creating an account on social media. 

Unfortunately, every email service provider asks for a phone number and so there are people who are without any email account. 


 In our daily life, email is one of the crucial tools we have. From business work to personal life, it is necessary to have an email account. 

Reason for adding phone number:

To create an email address, it is a crucial step to add your phone number because in case you forget your number, you can recover using the phone number that you have given.  

But when the user thinks that there is no need for such protection for them we cannot force them to give their personal number. So we are here to share about how to create an email without phone number. So these are the email providers who give you space for your privacy and provide you email address as you desire. 

1. Mail.com

This email account can be created by the users within 3-5 minutes. The information that you need to add about you are name, email address, security question and password. 

In the place of the password recovery option add ‘sign up without a phone number’. That’s it, now you have created an email without phone verification


  • You can add and manage multiple email accounts and the account is protected from spam and viruses.
  • Easy access from any of your smart devices.


  • There is a need for adding your existing email account for verification. 
  • In the free version, you cannot enjoy an ad free experience.


It is an encrypted email service provider that gives you a free sign up and also 1 GB storage space. There are premium accounts and it is pretty affordable since it is just 1 euro per month. Note that the users must be more than 16 years of age to access it.


  • You are not going to be interrupted with any disturbances while using your email. So, you can enjoy an ad free experience. 
  • Even the premium accounts are affordable and it is supported by 20+ languages.


  • Though it is affordable, the data storage turns out to be expensive.
  • Also, this is not compatible in IMAP and PGP. 

3. Gmail:

This is one of the best email service providers around the world. If you ask if it is really possible to create an account without a mobile number in this, a big yes to your question. A high-end security is provided by it, at the same time it also gives space for your privacy. 

So it is not a crucial step to add a phone number while creating an account. 


  • A well-organized interface which checks and destroys if any malware or virus is seen. 
  • Storage provided is more than 10 GB and per email the capacity is 25 MB.


  • Instead of folders, it has labels.
  • After an email is permanently removed, there is no option for undelete it. 

4. ProtonMail:

This email service provider is from Switzerland and users have the limit of sending 150 mails per day. Yet, this email is encrypted and that is the reason most of the people prefer this email server.


  • Of course, encryption itself is a big advantage to it. 
  • Users can enjoy about 500 MB of free storage.


  • Only premium accounts can access more storage, filter, labels and domain name as our convenience.
  • There is not much feature in this email server.

5. Guerilla Mail:

Emails of this type are more common these days since you will be able to send one mail at a time that has a file up to the size of 150 MB. There is no sign-up required. You can use this email only one time, the next time, you will be using another account.


  • These emails are the type of free disposable anonymous emails. 
  • After an hour, these mails will be deleted automatically.


  • Your inbox can be accessed by anyone who knew your ID. This can create a huge mess and on the other hand, it is neither safe nor convenient for everyone. 

This is how you can create email without, phone number. In respect to your privacy concern, we have shared with you a detailed explanation. Was your query solved? Technology problems are something that we can’t fix properly. Anyhow, when we get help from the experts we tend to solve such issues clearly. We are glad to introduce the technical support providers ‘Ityug247’ which is a best technical platform and who assists their users with technical solutions. 

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