Download iTop Data Recovery Pro to Restore Deleted, Corrupted and Lost Files

Download iTop Data Recovery Pro to Restore Deleted, Corrupted and Lost Files

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With each passing day, Windows Operating System demands are rising for professional and personal users because of its new features such as secret menu option, supports ISOs, breach-screen application, interactive tiles, interactive lock screen, task manager, VHD natively, etc. Many latest versions are available in the market, such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and earlier.

Preventive Measure

Preventing corruption and inaccessibility of a database can only be done beforehand because after something dangerous happens, the outcomes are unstoppable. Hence, the users are highly suggested to:

  • A. Backup Database: Backing up the database stored on your hard drive can help you perform data recovery NTFS file system to get access to the unavailable database by restoring the backup file.
  • B. Backup Database Externally: Backing up data in an external storage system helps you execute NTFS data restore to let you reuse the database of the hard drive even when the entire computer system stops working. Users can repair the system and then refresh the backup from the particular external source they utilized to store the backed up data, like; a pen drive, external hard drive, etc.

Using iTop Data Recovery Tool

Download iTop Data Recovery – an easy-to-use program to recover lost or deleted files from Windows Recycle Bin, hard drive, SSD, external drive, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, and other storage devices. You can use it to recover documents, photos, video, music, and system files, and all file formats are supported.

Common causes of file corruption

But Windows corruption problem is increasing day by day due to some spontaneous factors for that user files deleted or lost. Here are some of the common causes of damage to the file on Windows PCs:

  • Viruses infection
  • Power oscillate
  • Hardware and software issues
  • Logical errors
  • Hard-drives failures and more.

Many users are in trouble from these above errors. Many organizations have been using the iTop Data Recovery Software to handle all these factors. This software has a comprehensive set of features:

  • Comfortably regains data from FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS file systems from partitions.
  • It rescues all those data which is un-recognized by the windows.
  • Always support the latest versions of Windows.
  • Recovers most types of data Word documents, Spreadsheets, power-point, PDF files, and more.

iTop Data Recovery is a fully automated and error-free program. Therefore, it gives the best outcomes. To bring back all files, users have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Download and Install the iTop Data Recovery software on your systems or laptops. The recovery works in four modes: Quick Recovery – the quickest way, which mainly restores those data or files lost recently, Exhaustive Recovery. It is much better and more advanced than Quick Recovery and Raw Recovery.
  2. Select the location and type of files, press the SCAN button, and then the information about the recovered data will appear on the screen.
  3. If both above modes fail in recovery, then use Raw Recovery because this mode gets back your data from file structures, Disk-Imaging. The user can easily compare the restored data with the original lost data in this mode. And you have to select one of them.
  4. And after that, select the hard disk, then choose corrupted or damaged partition. Then software shows a preview of all lost files and selects all required files or folders, which is vital for the user.
  5. Then you can select the desired data and click the Recover button. And user gives the path or location address where files will be stored. In the last step, the user saves all files and folders.

If any user is in misery for corrupted windows data or files, as per my suggestion, try iTop Data Recovery software, and you can successfully retrieve your lost data.