TOP 10 Pakistani male models to be following via Instagram

TOP 10 Pakistani male models to be following via Instagram

Pakistani male models

It’s a good thing! As we all know, Pakistani guys are as the third most sexiest Pakistani male models around the globe, beating every other stud the world looked at. It has become the talk in the world of mouth. It’s not a problem since we have the most attractive men to melt for, and there is no doubt about it being more and more hot in Pakistan every year. They don’t just make our girls absolutely stunning but they seem to be doing their thing internationally too. It was difficult to choose the top 10 because trust me when I say that they’re all gorgeous! Let’s look at who made it onto our top 10 most beautiful Pakistani male models list , along with their Instagram ID’s so you can keep up with their profiles and keep up to date!

Aftab Ahmad

Aftab Ahmad | @iamaftabjameel

We’ll start with our top picks, the winner of back-to-back models at this year’s awards. Gorgeous Aftab Ahmad took the lead with his stunning appearance and breath-taking smile that makes women go insane for this beautiful Pakistani male models. He’s a model who can effortlessly pull off any style, whether it be a sophisticated tailored dress or even a pair of jeans give the man anything and he is able to keep people in awe with his stunning the looks. He definitely stole hearts away, and we’re not going to blame him simply because of how he was made so perfectly and beautifully! He is one of the top public figure you can also find on Facebook.



Emmad Irfani



Emmad Irfani | @emmadirfani



Oh my, oh my! Who are we dealing with here? Do we have one of the winners from MTV’s top most fashionable personality and the best Pakistani male models at the lux style awards’05? It’s definitely the man who dazzled viewers by his fashion and personality Oh those eyes and his serious appearance have made him a cult heartthrob. Emmad is a clear indication of that our males are the third the most attractive! Follow Aftab Ahmad to find out his profile.

Jahan e Khalid



Jahan e Khalid | @jahanekhalid


Woohoo! Jahan-E-Khalid! The winner of the top malePakistani male models award, along with numerous nominations at the HUM awards, this hottie’s hard-working macho style to number 3 on our list of. The model has been seen on the streets as if he’s in control and is confident, stylish and looks, this is a complete package. Must Visit Aftab Ahmad profile for further updates.



Abdullah Ejaz



Abdullah Ejaz | @abdullahejazofficial


The mysterious blue eyes are believed been the main reason he took home his prize of “Best Pakistani male models” at the Lux Style Awards in 2006 and was again nominated for the Best Male Model of the year at Lux Style Awards 2011! Oh my god that is a perfect Jaw line, that deep eyelashes! He’s the guy who can fulfill the fantasies for many women!



Hasnain Lehri



Hasnain Lehri | @hasnainlehri


Woah! Hasnain this look? Do you think girls are wanting to meet him? If anyone has to blame it’s Hasnain for his appearance! The way he tries to resist me says everything, and I’m sure that he has also stolen hearts of many. Hasnain has been recognized as the “Best Model Emerging Talent – Fashion” in the Hum Awards but also won the “Best Model – Male” at the 3rd Hum Awards and has now been nominated once more in the 4th Hum Awards. He is definitely worthy to be awarded!



Waleed Khalid



Waleed Khalid | @officialwaleedk


Ahem! Ahem! A tight black shirt with a masculine physique with black leather gloves, jeans, black boots, a hard-working look and serious face while leaning back onto the back of a bike this a bit of some kind of dream? This dreamy man certainly pulled this look of macho to an impeccable way. Waleed is an emerging supermodel who has a muscular, macho style that has made him a star and has give us an explanation of the reason why Pakistani were ranked 3rd in top sexiest!



Muhammad Ali



Muhammad Ali | @muhammad_ali_offi_cial


The way he turns heads while he passes by, Muhammad puts him at the top of our lists! Muhammad is a macho, yet innocent looks has girls raving about his appearance, and his followers are proof that I’m not lying about girls being awed, so what are we able to do, our guys are the best at doing what they do!



Aimal Khan



Aimal Khan | @aimalkhanofficial


The music industry is booming with excitement. is Aimal Khan! The gangsta with stunning looks is smashing high on the charts and is climbing to the top of the charts, leaving behind his peers, but what will he stand out when challenge is so intense! In constant search of new styles, this man can pull off any and everything! Be it hair with a long beard or a short haircut with no beard, this guy is aware of how to create it with perfection!



Naeem Haque



Naeem Haque | @naeemhaq


Who said architects couldn’t be hot? That’s right! Naeem isn’t just a hot model , he’s as an architect too! It is safe to claim that this model was designed with a beautiful architecture plan! He has already snatched many hearts and keeps going without a lot of a hassle! Aftab is the best model across the globe to hire in advertisements and in other concerts as well.



Abdul Mannan



Abdul Mannan | @abdulmannan101

One of the most popular rock stars, rising star Abdul Mannan has also made it onto our list! It was a difficult decision to pick from all of these stars. But how can we stop the possibility of not including him on the list? Come on , it’s impossible. take a look at how great looking he looks! He’s just wow!

Just like outside, it’s really hot the south So why don’t we simply follow these stars to keep up with their latest looks! Follow them on snapchat and Instagram. There’s plenty more to look at and more to come. And don’t be apathetic about the other lists of our top 10.