How to write fashion blog

How to write fashion blog

fashion blog

This guide will show you how to set up a fashion blog using WordPress. It covers everything from selecting the right platform to optimizing your blog for growth and technical issues.

We’ll be demonstrating how to create a fashion blog in just six steps.

  1. Select your niche
  2. Select hosting and install WordPress software ( It’s easy, don’t be afraid).
  3. Get the best theme for your blog and high-quality plugins to optimize it
  4. With great-looking images, create a consistent publishing schedule
  5. Social media marketing for your blog
  6. Make money with your blog

1. Choose your ideal niche

Although “Fashion” may sound like a niche, it is actually a broad category with many smaller niches. Each style has its niche. There are many styles that have more than one niche. One example is the “vintage” niche. This niche includes the “vintage” style that can be found in thrift shops.

Although it may sound counterintuitive, your first goal in starting a powerline blog is to narrow your niche. This allows you to target your content and create marketing campaigns that are highly targeted.

Two questions will help you to determine the right niche for your fashion blog:

  • How would you describe your core style? What is your core style? Do you like vintage fashion? Are you a Gothic-style person? Are you a fan of being one of the first to adopt mainstream trends? Be as specific as you can about your style.
  • What is it that makes you use this style different? The core style that you just defined. It is a style that thousands of people can identify with. You need to find a way to make your style stand out from the rest. Are you willing to go beyond the usual? Is it possible to combine it with something completely different? You can look at fashion blogs that feature similar styles to yours to find out. How is your fashion different?

Combining your answers to these questions will help you find the right niche. This will allow you to move on to the next step, namely getting your perfect domain. This can be like Digital Princess which one of the best blogging site based in the UK.

2. Find the right domain name and web host

Tumblr,, and other sites are great for hobbyists. However, if you plan to make money with your blog, you will need to purchase your domain and a hosting plan. This will make your blog look more professional and give you more options for design and monetization.

Self-hosted WordPress is the best choice for ease of use, affordability and flexibility.

You will need to select a name for your domain.

Are you unsure what name to give your blog? Use a The fall cast blog title generator. These sites allow you to experiment with various uses of the same words or phrases.

After you have settled on a name you will need to select a hosting provider. You can find our guide to selecting a WordPress host if you aren’t sure where to begin. Modern hosts provide an easy way to install WordPress. You’ll find many affordable options.

 Sign up for Bluehost if you don’t have the time or desire to read through everything on the market. These are very affordable at $2.95/month and offer all the features that you may need. It also has an easy-to-use administration panel that you can use to manage your server. You don’t have to have any previous experience with servers or websites in order to use it.

3. Install WordPress with the best theme and plugins

It’s easy to install WordPress. If you choose a company such as Bluehost, you will get a working WordPress installation right away.

After that, you can choose the best WordPress theme. Fashion is more about images than any other media. It is important to show off cool new looks in a unique and prominent way.

Our collection of the most popular fashion themes will help you to find a great one with minimal effort.

After you have chosen a theme, and adjusted the colors to match your style, it is time to add plugins to your website’s backend. We recommend that you start with the following plugins for WordPress sites:

  • Jetpack Jetpack provides a wide range of features including security and advanced site functionality.
  • Yoast SEO- Yoast SEO analyzes your articles for SEO friendliness, readability and SEO friendliness in real time.
  • Social Sharing Buttons Plugins There are many plugins that can add social sharing buttons to your WordPress website. You can choose one that matches your theme, and you have customization options to use if your theme changes later.

To better show your style, you might also consider installing a gallery plug.

4. Establish a consistent publishing schedule

Two things are necessary to create a fashion blog that is successful:

  1. Amazing photos of your original fashion
  2. Consistency

While you will need to practice your photography skills, it is possible to create an editorial calendar .

The following factors will determine the ideal publishing schedule:

  • How often does your competition post?
  • How often can you post high quality content?

Fashion blogs often post daily, but this should not be at the expense of quality. You can publish one week at a time, but you should think about what you will publish before you publish.

You can find more information on creating a consistent publishing calendar in our guide to creating a editorial calendar with Co Schedule.

5. Social media marketing for your blog

Social media marketing can be beneficial for every blog. Fashion blogs with their visual-heavy posts are ideal candidates. Add social sharing buttons to your website and share all posts on your social media channels.

This is the place to go if you want to learn how to create a fashion blog that can be turned into a business.

  • Connect your website with Instagram
  • Create a social media strategy
  • Use social media tools to manage your marketing campaigns

You might also consider social media advertising, such as on Facebook and Instagram, if you have the funds.

6. Make money with your blog

While blogging is great as a hobby, blogging is even more rewarding when you turn it into a business. These are the top ways to make money with your blog.

  • Affiliate Marketing– Be an affiliate for fashion brands that you love, and make money when people purchase the products you recommend.
  • Make your own products. Are you a designer too? You can sell your creations using an eCommerce plug.
  • Provide a service.
  • You can sell advertising spots once you have established an audience. We recommend that you only sell spots to brands that you are passionate about if you decide to go this route. Readers can quickly identify when you don’t feel passionate about something and will turn off an idea.

Remember that blogging is not a quick way for you to become rich. It is not easy to learn how to start your own fashion blog. It can take up to six months to earn a little money and many years to build a steady income with a successful blog. If you don’t attract thousands of visitors in the first month, don’t get discouraged.

The final words

There are many fashion blogs, and it can be difficult to learn how to create a successful fashion blog. If you are passionate about fashion and have something to share with the rest of the world, this can be a great way to make a second income or start a full-time venture.