The Way to Watch Award Winning Short Films

The Way to Watch Award Winning Short Films

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We’ve all heard about Netflix. We all make use of the site to have an easy access to of our most-loved TV and film shows. In actual fact, I can’t recall my last experience when I purchased an DVD of a movie or even watched a TV show.

The streaming of videos has changed the way we watch films. With a low monthly cost for those with an internet connection that is fast enough connection can enjoy ad-free access to virtually all content available.

For those who love short films, the overwhelming majority of these websites almost entirely ignore this amazing medium. This is an issue for you.

List to See live streaming short film

The list below outlines the four major kinds of platforms that you can watch short films on the internet. In order to provide you with an idea of how these services operate we looked at the most popular examples of each.

We’ll begin by launching the dedicated platform for short films, as well as


If you’re a huge fan of short films, then you’ll be delighted by The brand new platform unveiled during the Cannes Film Festival earlier in 2018 and has been the hot topic since. Let’s look at the reason is at the top of this list, and is the most popular short film website around the globe. has a growing collection of more than 500 short movies. Every week we add over 10 new films to our catalogue which means that our subscribers never run out of films to enjoy.

With a price of just $5.99 monthly, ranks among the most affordable video on demand platforms available there. Although some may argue that websites like YouTube are completely free (well at least the basic plan is) however, you pay for the content you see. The free sites are stuffed with ads that limit your enjoyment when you watch.

The films that are available that you can watch on have been produced to the best quality that is possible. So, we can make sure that you get the most enjoyable viewing experience. We’ve also enhanced the experience of our users by creating advanced AI-driven software which provides the most accurate recommendations for movies on any platform..

Advantages of

  • Awarded to short films
  • An ever-growing collection of short films that have won awards
  • Easy to use UI
  • Unique AI-driven software that provides the most precise film recommendations ever
  • Cost-effective – just $5.99 monthly (Netflix the base plan, however is costly and comes with stringent limitations)
  • Videos of high-quality
  • No annoying ads
  • gives filmmakers who make movies we enjoy by offering financial incentives.
  • You can watch our films at any time and on any device you want.

Disadvantages of

  • Only available only in English (but don’t be concerned we’re in the process of making this)

2. YouTube:

YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform on earth. Following its acquisition by Google and then made available to all Android smartphone and tablet for no cost.

YouTube has billions of YouTube videos out of which, hundreds of million of them are classified as short-length films. Although it is possible to obtain high-quality videos on YouTube however, the quality can vary drastically.

Then we come to the negatives.

In recent time, Google has increasingly attempted to increase the revenue of YouTube. This has resulted in increasing frustrating advertisements and limitations which are designed to convince users to upgrade to subscription plans.

Advantages of YouTube

  • Free version
  • Big catalog

Disadvantages of YouTube

  • Adverts
  • Films of poor quality
  • The process of browsing for films can be extremely difficult and inconvenient


It is among the top platforms that are short-film-focused. We all are owed a debt of gratitude.

Contrary to other general content streaming websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, as well as non-short specific sites like Netflix, is exclusively focused on short films.

It provides reviews of the short films it showcases and also some basic suggestions. It is an excellent site for those looking to see any of the handful of films on its catalogue but there are some downsides.

Although the site is completely free, it uses YouTube as a platform for viewers to access the films on its collection. This means that some movies are accessible in 360p resolution or smaller.

The user interface is old and does not even include the basic search function. To locate films users have to browse through the catalogue.

Advantages of

  • Free
  • Short film dedicated to
  • A lot of great shorts

Disadvantages of

  • Films are usually low quality.
  • There is no search feature
  • No recommendation feature
  • Small catalogue

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4. Netflix:

Netflix is still the most popular destination for people all over the world to enjoy the most popular films and television. It is home to thousands of films to ensure that its customers will never be left without a film to see.

The site features a excellent user interface, and offers recommendations based upon previous user preferences. Websites like Netflix do offer short film catalogues, however they are typically the ones that have earned an amount of popularity that makes them as bankable.

The downside to Netflix is that it is mostly concentrated on features and television shows. They are, after all, among the top-rated and give the highest ROI. The issue with this approach is that it fails to consider the majority of amazing short films produced each year.

Advantages of Netflix

  • A large catalogue of television and feature films’
  • Sophisticated UI

Disadvantages of Netflix

  • More expensive
  • Only shows the more mainstream short films.
  • The short film is not the only thing that has been made.

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