Picashow App Review | How to download Picashow App

Picashow App Review | How to download Picashow App

pikashow app

Picashow app- Do you want to know more about picashow app? In this detail Index article we going to discuss in depth about picashow app. How you can download picashow app in simple way. We will also going through about picashow app reviews. Lets get dig into the detail of picashow app.

Picashow app- Are you tired of paying big bucks just to watch your favourite show or stream the match live on your mobile phone? Or are you looking for something that’ll ease the burden on your pocket while providing you with the best quality videos? The solution is here – Picashow App.

Pickashow App Guide

There are hundreds of other streaming platforms like Picashow app out there that let users stream their content but it always comes with a price. Picashow app is designed to let users get rid of that price and enjoy the content for free. Picashow app is the only application out there that not only lets users stream videos for free but in the highest quality possible. The app guarantees no buffering, high-quality streaming, and additional costs.

Picashow app Guide

But why would you choose the Picashow app instead of any other ordinary app? Read on to find out the uses, benefits, and installation process of the Picashow app. It will help you compare and contrast, a few of the other streaming platforms have been mentioned as well.

Now, without any further ado, let’s get on with the article about Picashow app!

What is Picashow App?

Picashow app is an exclusive streaming platform that lets users stream videos without paying a single penny. In the world of technology, now everything can be streamed online through mobile phones, tv, and PCs. To combat the rising demand for better streaming platforms that ask minimal in return, Picashow app is indeed a shining star.

The Picashow app, although recently launched, is one of the best streaming platforms already, working similar to all the best streaming platforms. The quality and variety of shows are top-notch and extensive, giving users the best experience one can find. It is completely safe and secure to use as well.

What is Picashow App meant to be used for?

Since the Picashow app is a streaming platform, it is meant to be used to stream videos. Now this includes movies, tv shows, series, matches, news, and much more. Picashow app can be used on all kinds of devices including mobile phones, TV, laptop, and PC. The best part about this app is that one does not need to sign up for any paid subscriptions. This app is meant to be used by those looking to stream content without having to pay or subscribe.

Picashow app – usability

Unlike other streaming apps, the Picashow app is one of the new apps that let you stream content for free. Now just because it is free, it does not mean the quality and quantity of content on the platform is compromised. There are a lot of features on this platform that are similar to other ones but what makes it unique is its usability and assurance of no limitation. It enables a great user experience. These features include;

1. Picashow App Download videos

Similar to the infamous Netflix, the Picashow app also enables users to download the videos of their choice. Now users do not need to wait around for an internet connection to watch their favourite content. Instead, the Picashow app allows users to download the content of their choice in advance and watch it later. This will come in handy for all those long commutes or power outages.

However, downloading on the Picashow app does require a little work. Users need to install the 1DM Downloader APK. Next, they need to select the video of their choice from the Picashow app. After doing that, simply clicking the download button will enable the video to start downloading right away! Head over to the Picashow site to understand the in-depth downloading process through their detailed guide.

2. Picashow App HD quality

Next, we have one of the most important traits that all streaming platforms need. Picashow app has the best HD quality videos that are meant to provide you with the best user experience. HD experience is necessary to have quality streaming time.

Picashow app not only allows users to view the content of their choice smoothly but also in different quality videos. The users can select the quality of the videos ranging from 240p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The app also allows users to choose quality up to 4k. However, aiming for such high-quality videos asks for a higher internet speed. By default, the Picashow app enables users to view their videos in high-quality.

3. All in one

Picashow app is indeed a great place if you’re looking to stream videos from multiple sources in one place. The app not only allows users to view live TV, but series, movies, shows, and much more. It is astonishing how a single app can offer so much without asking for a single penny in return.

Why choose the Picashow app?

First of all, the app is completely free. The installation process is simple without any added hassle. Furthermore, the video streaming is excellent and the quality is available for up to 4k. Yes, the downloading process of videos does require a third-party app but considering all the pros, this is one aspect that can be overlooked. The benefits of the Picashow app are extensive and excellent. To find out more about the benefits of the Picashow app, read below.

why choose the Picashow app

Picashow app Benefits

As users might have guessed already, the Picashow app is an application with few flaws. Its number of benefits certainly make it similar to Netflix and Amazon Prime in terms of excellence. A few of the pros have already been discussed but here’s a detailed list of all the benefits the Picashow app has in store for you.

1. Picashow app is Cost-effective

Since the Picashow app does not cost anything, it is a huge relief on the pocket. Being able to watch whatever we want without having to go through the hassle of linking our credit cards and accounts is indeed bliss. It is hard to believe that the app is of such great quality and does not charge a single penny anywhere throughout the process.

Picashow app is cost effective

2. Picashow app Unlimited content

The content on the Picashow app is unlimited. From live TV to series, one can stream to their heart’s content. A slight drawback is that of course, the Picashow app will not be able to provide any of the exclusive series. For instance, if there is a show particularly made for Netflix or Amazon Prime, you will not be able to find it on the app. However, at the end of the day, Picashow guarantees to encompass a world of entertainment within itself. So, without any further ado, install the app and start streaming to find out.

3. Feasibility of Picashow app

When it comes to feasibility, Picashow does tick quite a few boxes. The app is rather new but can be installed on all devices. This means you can view your favourite content not only on your mobile phone, but on your laptop, TV, and tablet as well.

4. Picashow app Ease of use

When it comes to streaming platforms, these apps do have rather extensive processes. Whether it be payment processes, installing processes, or simply viewing. Most platforms do not let users stream at all until a credit card is involved. To register that, it does take a few good minutes. Picashow app lets you view all your favourite content instantly after installing. This saves you from all the viscous spoilers that start spreading the instant something new is released.

5. Picashow app Similar to the best

Picashow app is a new application and for a new app to encompass so many features, it is indeed no less than a wonder. It has all the abilities that top streaming platforms have while being free. This adds a few stars to the rating of this app

6. Picashow app Completely safe to use

The app is completely safe and feasible to use. Since all the copyrights have been given to the creator to ensure the legality of the content, there would be no issues once you get yourself hooked to this platform. Furthermore, there are no extensive processes that tend to be a pain for some people.

How to Install or download Picashow app?

Now that you know all there is to know about the app, it is time for some action. If you’re finally ready to install the Picashow app, you’re in the right place. Read below to discover a rather simple process to download one of the best streaming platforms today.

Downloading the Picashow app isn’t a strenuous task. Instead, all you need is the device you wish to stream on and a stable internet connection. The steps to install and download the Picashow app are given below.

download Pikashow app

1. Step 1:

First, head over to the Picashow APK website. There, you will find the ‘download Picashow APK’ option. Or you can also click on https://pikashow.app/.

2. Step 2:

Next, download the APK file by clicking on the download button. This will enable the latest version of the Picashow APK to be downloaded instantly.

3. Step 3:

Open up the APK file and enable ‘unknown sources.’ To do this, head over to settings, then security, where you will find an ‘unknown sources’ option.

4. Step 4:

Next, click on the install button. Once you do that, the installation process will automatically begin.

5. Step 5:

Wait till the installation process is complete. Once it’s over, you will have successfully installed the Picashow app.

6. Step 6:

Open the app and stream to your heart’s desire!

Applications similar to the Picashow app

We’re all active streamers, whether it be shows, matches, or tv. We all want the same thing- entertainment, variety, no browsing and quality experience. Therefore, with the increasing demand, developers are working day and night to produce the best streaming platforms like Picashow app that satisfy the needs of consumers of all levels.

Picashow app alternative

With each developer trying to produce the best, users are left with ample applications and immense choices where they can find content ranging from free to premium. Likewise, the developers of Picashow app ensure to count the needs and come up with an app that competes with the existing one yet be unique with its services. Therefore, to find out whether the Picashow app is one of the forerunners, we need to responsibly compare and contrast it with other platforms before making a decision.

Read below to discover some of the similar streaming apps to enhance your knowledge and choose the best.


One of the most browsed streaming platforms that are recognized throughout the globe is Netflix which has a net worth of around $180.36 billion. It started with high subscription packages over different window screens but over time and to attract a large audience it declined its subscription packages.

It caters for a large audience of different backgrounds to offer them all kinds of entertainment segments from web series, movies and newly launched features of games. Whereas, on the other hand, Picashow app is a similar streaming app, offering the same content, quality and experience for absolutely free! Unlike Netflix, it even offers an additional feature of watching live streaming matches and a much simpler way of usability.  


Amazon Prime

Along with Netflix, Amazon Prime secures the second position in the world most streaming apps, having a net worth of $1.7 billion. It emerged as a tough competitor having all those features like Netflix and having relatively less subscription rates.

It offers all the content as Netflix and a separate section of exclusive prime content. Even within a subscription, it offers a category of Premium that is exclusive offering 4K ultra HD, high dynamic range, and mobile downloads. The irony to the fact is that Picashow app offers 4K ultra HD, downloading for free! It doesn’t require for extra subscription or penny to experience better results.  


Hulu is an amazing streaming app that came into the market but wasn’t as popular. But over the period, it has gained the acknowledgement of people who prefer to watch live streaming of matches especially football or want to see live news. It has two branches, Hulu and Hulu live to cater to different audiences.

Hulu proves to be a great platform that offers 75+ channels, showing top-notch shows series and soap. It is not a free app rather offers a trial period of 30 days and then charge month to month. On the other hand, Picashow app doesn’t have a trial period to charge its audience. It provides similar services of live news and matches for free!.


Disney is another streaming app that is popular abroad for its unique features of streaming 90 years of content throughout! It includes all the animated films and action movies from Disney world such as snow white, cinderella, lion king and many more. It has a unique feature of Dolby Atmos audio that makes the sound effects more realistic.

Disney charges around  $8 for a single screen and doesn’t have a trial period as well. Picashow app offers a separate section to cater to all the audiences that are interested in animation and disney cartoons. It may not give them an amazing sound experience but there is no compromise with the visuals and quality of the content. 



IMDb is a streaming app that is a branch of Amazon Prime offering free content to its user and is exclusively for mobile users. It offers over 4 million content ranging from all kinds of movies to shows. It is a free, ad-supported video streaming app but it is limited and is available in the US only.

Whereas, Picashow app a newly launched app is a worldwide platform that can be downloaded on any device easily and offers all minds of content. It is also an ad-supported app but it won’t interpret while streaming. 


Hotstar is a known streaming app in Asia as it contains all kinds of soap, web series and films belonging to India and exclusive content. It was a great app offering live sports, episodes for free, but with time it has also launched three subscription packages- mobile, super and premium.

It has helped them divide the audience and preference of people. Its limitation is that it only offers 8 languages, 15 channels whereas Picashow app offers multiple languages, content and a lot more variety for free. It has no restriction of audience and language barriers.


Last but not the least, vudu.com start is another streaming platform that offers its services for free and is ad-supported. It contains both free and paid content within itself. The audience that is interested to watch a certain show that is paid, can view it by giving the rental or purchasing fee. Whereas, in Picashow app everything is for free. You can view the content without fear of its payment. Even the subtitles are free. 


Conclusion of Picashow app review

With the advent of technology, everything has become easy and accessibly to everyone which has made things easy as well as complicated. As said in a documentary on Netflix, “Social Networking” no messages come for free, everything comes with a price.

Similarly, nowadays to avail entertainment is also not as easy. One needs to buy or subscribe to different means to enjoy a moment in their life such as going to the cinema for movie, food, shopping and even at home you need to pay platforms.  But here we are! Make your life easy and similar by offering you millions of entertainment content and displaying different channels for free.

Picashow guarantees you a full package of entertainment, with lots of laughter and moments to enjoy without worrying about any subscription. You can experience ultra HD visuals, perfect audio, downloading and quality engagement with all kinds of content whether it is animated, action, drama, web series, match or your favourite old show. It is no less than those paid platforms that only charge you to watch the exclusive. With us, it got all you need! So what are you waiting for? Grab any of your devices and download the app on the go!

Picashow App FAQs

Q. What is the Picashow app?

The Picashow app is an online, free streaming platform that gives you a variety of your favourite shows, movies, series and a moment to enjoy the live matches. It provides you with high quality top-notch and extensive shows, giving users the best experience they can find.

Q. Can I download the Picashow app on my PC?

Picashow app can be downloaded and used on all kinds of devices such as your mobile phones, TV, laptop, PC and tablets.

Q. Does the Picashow app work with Windows?

Yes, the app is available and usable to all kinds of operational software- Windows, iOS.

Q. Does the Picashow app contain ads?

Yes, the app contains ads but only once when the app is opened. There is no disturbance and interference of additional ads while streaming.

Q. Is the Picashow app safe to use?

The app is 100% safe and feasible to use. All copyrights have been given to the creator to ensure the legality of the content. There are no additional extensive processes that might be troubling to some users.

Q. What is the Picashow APK file?

For downloading the videos, the app uses third-party support to ensure the quality, speed and effectiveness of the video. It may be additional work to an app but it ensures a guaranteed quality video without any trouble!

Q. Is Picashow a free streaming platform?

YES! Picashow is a free streaming app that doesn’t cause you a penny for viewing, selecting and downloading as many videos and movies you want to.  

Q. Is Picashow better than Netflix?

Picashow is a newly launched platform that has many competitors in the market such as Netflix, Prime etc but all these apps have a subscription package whereas Picashow offers all those content without any subscription and is free. What else does a person need! Free!

Q. Can the Picashow app be used to stream in multiple languages?

The app contains multiple contents of different languages, cultures and regions. It is available to cater for all kinds of people belonging to different age groups, languages and locality.