The Rundown On Employee Background Verification In India

The Rundown On Employee Background Verification In India

Background Verification

Globally, approximately 75% of companies admit making the wrong decision in selecting the right candidate due to an incorrect background check.  The surge of criminal and fraud Resume cases has been increasing the demand for employee background verification in India for the last few years. Several employees misrepresent themselves in their CVs making the need for background verification mandatory. As per the research of PricewaterhouseCoopers 2016 Global Economic Crime Survey, HR misrepresentation, representing the wrong capabilities and information of employees adversely affect the companies and should be avoided at any cost. Moreover,  HR fraud can spoil the organization’s brand value, financial loss as well as create disturbance in business relationships. 

Therefore, the majority of companies should consider Background Verification screening programs for human resources seriously before hiring. And, to combat the perplexities of verifications, there has been the introduction of various background verification companies

Benefits of Implementing Employee Background Verification Process

Background screening can minimize the falsifying information, CV sprucing, and more to a greater extent. Let’s check out its more advantages:

The Background Verification hiring of More Qualified Candidate

Verification allows you to thoroughly check the employee’s history and their reputation in previous organizations. However, it also throws light on an individual’s skills, personality, knowledge, and Etiquette. And, no companies want to hire people for the same position over and over again. Right? That’s why verification companies are the ultimate solution and one-time investment allowing you to make the right choice of hire.

Hiring an Honest Candidate

Suppose a candidate is desperately looking for a job and he/she will try to look more appealing in a CV representing false capabilities. And, if you are on edge of verifying your selected candidate’s previous employment with their employers, you will probably end up hiring an honest candidate. This way, your organization’s growth is around the corner. Isn’t that great?

Benefits of Outsourcing the Background Verification Process To Third Party Company

Previously, we have discussed the plethora of advantages of doing candidate screening but now we’ll dive into the benefits of hiring third-party verification companies. The research of PricewaterhouseCoopers 2016 Global Economic Crime Survey, HR misrepresentation, representing the wrong capabilities and information of employees adversely affect the companies and should be avoided at any cost

Huge Saving of Precious Energy & Time

The verification process of an employee is the need of an hour but at the same time, it’s quite complex. The larger the size of an organization, the more will be the time consumed. For Example- The size of Google is huge and that is why they hire a third-party screening company to handle this verification process. This way, there is a huge saving of time and effort. When you hire outsourcing for background checking, it enables the in-house team to put more emphasis on other significant tasks first. 

Decades of Experience With Background Verification Work

Third-Party verification companies are always trained in verifying the employee verification like the back of their hands. As they have extensive experience with this process and help you in selecting the right candidate. However, they also know what type of questions should be asked that can ensure the credibility of information shared by an employee.

Different companies have their methods for Background Verifications, but the most common ones are


  • Large Private businesses/ firms often outsource the employee screening process to verification companies.
  • Small & Medium-sized firms ask HR departments to do this process.
  • Government agencies or PSUs have their own comprehensive background check before offering a job to any employee. 


Terms of Pre-employment Background Verification

Most companies do background checks during the hiring process, and therefore, the result of selection also depends on it. If a company finds anything wrong, they’ll not select you despite having all skills and knowledge. According to the background verification companies, “All employment contracts contain a clause whereby a company can hire you for a 90-day trial period. During this time, they will not only check your work performance but, in some cases, background checks will be carried out”. During this period, if the results are unsatisfactory, they have the legal right to terminate you from the job. 

The Process of Employee Background Verification Check

The process of employee screening checks involves a candidate’s academic credentials, college degrees, employment history, court records, and credit scores. It barely takes 3 to 10 days to complete this process. It may get extend for in-depth investigation, especially if you are getting hire for a senior-level position. And, mostly it is conduct when you clear all rounds of interview. Your employment history incorporates all the companies you worked for, your job roles, employment duration, and salaries for each position. 

The company performs an employment history check to confirm that the employment information included on your resume and job application is accurate. 

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Background Verification To Sum It Up

Employment Verification is one of the most significant tasks for growing businesses as well as startups. You get the complete picture of the candidate that you are likely to hire via the screening program. Doesn’t it seem necessary? Having proper verification of employees in the company also enables you to build credibility with the clients. In this manner, you can filter out the worst and retain the best one in your organization and achieve your all targets on time. Verification is one of the most important and mandatory tasks for growing big companies and as well as startups should also follow these things for the proper security.

Every employee plays a major role in maintaining a harmonious work environment, steady business growth. Henceforth, you should invest in their verifications. Contact Repute today, an agency specialized in the field of Candidate Authentication Program.