Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

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According to Digital Air Strike’s recent Social Media Trends study. Car shoppers ranked social networks are more important than a dealer’s website. When deciding which dealership to visit for the third year in a row. According to the study. Which was based on research findings from 2,000 car flyers buyers and 2,000 service customers,

  • When it comes to choosing a car dealership. 75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say the internet. It includes social media and review sites, is the most helpful medium.
  • According to 83 percent of service customers polled. Online review sites significantly aided them in their dealership selection process.
  • 66% of car buyers or owners saw a Facebook ad which contain car flyers. They clicked on it, up from 33% in 2014.
  • One-quarter of car buyers, or one out of every four. Use social media to discuss or communicate a recent purchase experience.
  • 38 percent of consumers say they’ll use social media. To research cars the next time they buy one
  • 84 percent of all automotive shoppers use Facebook. 24 percent used Facebook to purchase their most recent vehicle.
  • When it comes to car flyers purchasing. Social media sites clearly have a significant influence on a buyer’s decision-making process. Most marketers understand that social media should be incorporated into a marketing strategy in some way. For some, this may be as simple as creating a Facebook page and posting content or images. Whereas, for others, it may entail a fully integrated social marketing strategy. To generate leads and engage with customers.

The moral of the tale with Facebook is that their consumer research is top-notch. Therefore advertising on Facebook or directly engaging with customers is a great method to increase your quality leads. Facebook is an integral element of every dealer’s automotive digital marketing plan due to its massive reach.

Here Are The Best Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships:

Facebook Marketing to Consumers

This is essential, especially since 84 percent of your customers are on Facebook. Place ads to reach people who have indicated an interest in purchasing a car flyers. You can also attract customers by creating amazing car flyers and using them to run Facebook ads. 

Don’t forget to geographic areas near your dealership, vehicle type, gender, consumer interests, and other factors. The financial outlay is well worth it. According to Unified, auto ads have twice the click-through rates of the average Facebook ad.

In terms of Facebook’s capabilities, demographic segmentation is just the tip of the iceberg. People are utilizing Facebook to communicate with dealers about Marketplace listings. Entire conversations about vehicles and services via Messenger. perform vehicle (and dealership) research, and much more. 

The best part for dealerships is that every time Facebook adds a new feature to their platform (newsfeed, watch, Marketplace, groups, etc. ). It gives them another chance to reach out to potential customers in meaningful ways.

Use Twitter to Increase Sales

According to a share of the market research. Twitter drove $716 million in car sales in 2013. Twitter is still a popular choice among car buyers. 

According to research, more than 327,000 auto-related tweets are sent out every day. 75 percent of these directly related to owning or shopping. These signals can be picked up using keyword targeting. Direct messages and advertising can be sent to consumers who have shown purchase intent.

Instagram is a great place to reach out to Millennials.

According to a Facebook survey, millennials are abandoning Facebook and shifting their focus to Instagram. Instagram, which is primarily used on mobile devices. It is all about snapping, sharing, and uploading photos and videos. Instagram is an excellent platform for creatively sharing your brand’s story. 

Share images that allow customers to imagine themselves in the moment. Such as a picture of one of your vehicles at the beach. Tailgating at a sporting event, camping, near a lake. Any other creative way you can think of to showcase the lifestyle your vehicle represents.

YouTube Video Marketing

According to Force Marketing, 84 percent of car buyers intend to watch auto videos the next time they shop for a vehicle. Car buyers are looking for information such as model comparisons, safety features, connected devices, walkarounds, and other content. This assists them in making a decision. While videos should be embedded on your website. They should also be hosted on a channel like YouTube for greater organic visibility.

You can also use the video ad maker app to create an outstanding video for your Car business Use this video for video ads campaign to generate more leads toward to your business.

Using Social Media to Tell a Story

It is no longer sufficient to simply post and broadcast content. Social media is about human connection. Storytelling on social media is an excellent way to interact with your target audience and build relationships and brand loyalty.
Use social media as a channel for conversation rather than advertising. Share your personal experiences to humanize your brand. Post videos of your employees. For example, who is the face of your company. Share photos demonstrating your support for local charities

 Run Contests and Promotions

Are you planning a promotion or a unique event?. Here’s a thought: include a specific social media component. Encourage users to “like” or “like” an event post by entering them into a unique reward drawing!

This is a fantastic approach to grow your user base while also increasing the organic reach of your content online. Everyone loves the chance to win something (even if it’s only a free cup of coffee). Encouraging users to participate with your content is a win-win situation for everyone.

Remember that Social Media is a Two-way Street.

So, you’ve got a Facebook promotional ad running. It gets a lot of likes and maybe a few shares. But it also gets something completely unexpected: comments. Unlike other forms of advertising. Social media advertising may necessitate additional user interaction.

If the chat isn’t a straight one-on-one conversation using Messenger or another messaging service. It’s directly viewable to others. Your participation here should take it into account as well.

Final Words

Maintaining a social presence, when done correctly. It will enhance your brand’s revenue by bringing you more leads. It assists you in selling more services and vehicles.

The automotive business definitely benefits from social media marketing. Greater brand visibility, more leads, and eventually, more sales. However, you must be completely dedicated to your social media plan. You must continue to connect and communicate with your social media followers. Once you have established a fan base.