Search Engine Optimisation – A Basic Introduction 

Search Engine Optimisation – A Basic Introduction 

Search Engine Optimisation

Known as SEO, search engine optimisation involves the use of numerous strategies to boost the ranking of a website within specific Google searches. Somehow, at the speed of light, algorithms fire up, sort through the massive global database and deliver the best websites based on the information given. That is the basic function of SEO, to boost a target URL’s visibility when specific search terms are typed into the search window. 

Assess your website’s Google Ranking 

Let’s say you run a climate control business that sells and services HVAC systems and you are based in Alberta, for example, simply type ‘HVAC sales & service, Alberta’ and in less than a second, you will have a long list of websites. If your business is on page 17, then it is unlikely that you will get any online enquiries from a Google search. What to do if you want to change that? Contact Canada’s leading SEO agency, King Kong, an outfit that stands head and shoulders above the rest. They make a very bold statement that they can put your business on page 1 of search results in just 90 days! There aren’t any other agencies bold enough to make such a claim, which kind of speaks for itself. 

Keyword research 

The key component to good SEO is without doubt is keyword research; you need to find out the most popular search terms the online consumer is using. The top 10 search terms are noted and these are integrated into the target website; there is a fine line, too many instances are likely to lead to Google penalising the site, which they call ‘keyword stuffing’. When the web first emerged, it was easy to put a URL on the top of the search criteria, simply fill the page with search terms, yet today, things are much more complex. 

Ongoing SEO 

Due to the nature of the web, SEO work needs to be ongoing; you could be on page 1 in January and one month later, your site is on page 4; data is deleted and uploaded every second of every day, so your valuable SEO work must be ongoing in order to retain that coveted top spot. 

If you want the best SEO, Google can find Canada’s leading SEO agency and they can put your site at the top of the tree.