Everything You Need To Know About a Smart TV

Everything You Need To Know About a Smart TV

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What exactly is a smart TV? Streaming services have revolutionized the way we consume content or watch movies, with the introduction of capabilities and features that weren’t available a decade ago, such as online streaming or responding to voice commands. Today, most Samsung LED TV, and other branded LED TVs can be described as Smart TVs because of their internet connectivity and the capability to run apps. However, they’re not all the same. Let’s take a closer look at the various important factors related to Smart TVs that you should be aware of:

What is a smart TV?

Traditional TVs can only show content using an HDTV antenna cable or other A/V source and are slowly getting eliminated. In today’s fast world of connectivity, we expect something more sophisticated with high-speed internet connectivity, powerful processors and easy-to-use software. This new-gen TV operates very similarly to a smartphone tablet instead of the tube TVs of the past. 

Smart TVs, just like smart home gadgets and smartphones, come with internet connectivity and support for a variety of applications. This gives you a variety of entertainment possibilities that range from various online streaming platforms to online games or checking social media handles, and even controlling a house with connected compatible devices.

Many smart TV models come with voice recognition features, including Alexa and Google voice Assistant to switch channels or search programs. Users can use Samsung LED TVs and other branded Smart TVs to control various home devices such as smart bulbs, smart locks, smart switches, and other sensors.

How can Smart TVs link to the internet?

A smart TV needs to be connected to the home network for the first time, and then it can start streaming video and other services to your television. Smart TVs can make use of wired Ethernet as well as built-in Wi-Fi to remain connected. Most Samsung LED TVs are compatible with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and the latest Standard Wi-Fi 6. However, keep an eye out for older models, as they may still utilize the old 802.11n standard.

Does a Smart TV manufacturer often update its software to include new features?

The answer is generally yes. Every major TV manufacturer sends updates to their software that add new features, improve older ones, and patch security bugs common for every operating system. 

All brands have their own priorities and different frequency of sharing these useful update patches. TCL and LG curved concept have the best track record for their regular updates. Some updates offer entirely new features, like increased support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) formats such as Dolby Vision or making tweaks to the TV’s firmware (often downloaded automatically).

Since smart TVs are taking over the roles previously reserved for smartphones and computers, there is a chance of crashing or hanging. Like phones have turned into computers, now the same is applicable for smart TVs. The latest smart TVs are now expected to get information from the internet, smoothly run sophisticated applications, manage other devices, and even follow voice-based commands. As these televisions are doing heavy-duty work, there is a slight chance they can lag once in a while. 

The positive side is that even though crashes and slow performance were common in the past, these kinds of glitches are less frequent now. So go ahead and purchase the best Samsung Smart TV or any other branded smart TV to enhance your cinematic experience. If you are delaying the purchase of your favourite Smart TV due to budget restrictions, you are in luck. Keep reading to discover more.

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Switching between different gadgets for streaming OTT content and videos, listening to music, and browsing the internet can be a hassle, especially now that we spend most of our time at home because of the growing work-from-home culture. At a time when user experience is a priority to brands, smart TVs let us enjoy media content and music, watch the news and make internet searches seamless, all on one big screen. 

Types of Samsung Smart TVs available at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store

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