10 Ways to Dress Up for Your Next Travel Destination

10 Ways to Dress Up for Your Next Travel Destination

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The thought of traveling is exhilarating. Who doesn’t crave for dress-up and travel from everyday routine after all? We live in a fast-paced world. Times are tough, and things can get a little too much at times. If there is one thing everyone must take time out for is themselves, there is no better way to treat yourself and indulge than simply taking a timeout.

An essential part of traveling is fashion. You need those stunning travel photos, right? Obviously, your outfit has to look good. A drawback with travel, however, is having limited options. When working with a specific set of items, you have to do whatever you have on hand. If you feel lost or clueless, let us help you sort things out for your next trip. We have here listed ten ways in which you can dress up for your next travel getaway.

Practice the art of layering

Layering is the easiest way to elevate your outfit. Throwing on many clothes on top of each other may sound easy, but there is more to it than what meets the eye. Layering requires practice to be perfect, so if you are looking to nail those travel outfit photos, it is time you start getting the hang of it. Mix and match different garments to create unique looks. If you are feeling lost, seek inspiration from your favorite celebs and influencers. Start simple with a pair of jeans, a tee, and a jacket, and work your way up to stylings more complex outfits like tuxedos, dresses, and more.

Keep it chic in printed skirts

Printed skirts are not only super elegant, chic, and easy to style, but they are also super practical when traveling. There are days when you cannot iron your clothes, and you have to make do with whatever you have on hand. On such days, printed skirts come particularly in handy as they camouflage wrinkles and grime like nobody’s business. Moreover, their versatility deems them suitable for all sorts of settings. The key to styling them is to keep them simple: pair them with a plain top and perhaps a jacket on top. Our pick would be a chic plus-size leather jacket as it complements the flowy silhouette of the skirt nicely.

Throw on a blazer

Blazers are timeless and eternal. There is no other garment quite as effortless and elegant as a blazer. Throw it over anything, and you have a stellar outfit good to go. If you want to take a simple outfit to the next level, do not think twice; just throw a blazer on top. Be it a flowy dress or casual jeans and a tee, blazers look flawless with anything and everything. Complete the look with some accessories and complementing shoes, and you are ready to hit the town.

Cover up with a statement coat

You do not need to have a perfect outfit ready every day when traveling. Traveling can be pretty exhausting, and on some days, all you want to do is just lay back and not put in much effort, and that is perfectly okay. On such days, the best way to put together an outfit is with a statement coat. Coats are great. They are warm, comfy, and supremely chic. The best part about them, however, is that they can hide everything underneath. You could be wearing anything, a torn tee, a stained dress shirt, pajamas, anything, and a coat would cover it all. So when in doubt, keep it simple and let your statement coat do all the talking for you.

Invest in a blanket scarf

If there is one travel essential you did not know you needed, it is a blanket scarf. Criminally underrated, incredibly chic, and supremely versatile, blanket scarves are a blessing when traveling. They can add a fun and vibrant pop of color to any outfit, they can be used to make a makeshift pillow, or they can just be used to cover up if it gets chilly; a blanket scarf is truly a gift to mankind and something you most definitely need to take your travel outfits to the next level.

Wear more jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are stunning in every way. Moreover, they are easy to work with; you never have to brainstorm with them; just throw them on, and you are good to go. If you want to make a real fashion statement with your outfit, jumpsuits are the way to go. Throw a jacket on tops like a leather jacket, cropped jacket, or blazer if you feel extra. The best part about jumpsuits is that they allow you to have more luggage space.

Wear all black

When in doubt, play it safe, and there is nothing quite as safe as an all-black outfit. Monotone outfits themselves are stunning, but something so effortless and ethereal about an all-black outfit that just turns heads wherever it goes. Ideal for all sorts of settings, you can get creative with your all-black ensemble and go the extra mile with accessorizing to make your outfit even more special. Just be sure to mix and match different cuts and designs to make your outfit interesting and unique.

Get some fancy hats

Hats do not get enough love and attention. Hats are a universal symbol of high fashion, so if you want to make your outfit more memorable, what better way to do so than with a statement hat, right? If you prefer casual hats, nothing beats the chill and relaxed vibe of a beanie or the clean and chic aura of a baseball hat. If you are a go big or go home kind of person, go all out with something big and bold like a wide rim hat or a fedora. Simple yet statement, a hat gets you in the vacay mood while giving your outfit the ultimate boost.

Sunglasses are a must

What is a stellar vacation outfit without sunglasses? There is a reason why you always see celebs in sunglasses; they look amazing and instantly add something special to your outfit. Sunglasses are not only super chic and high fashion, but they are also super practical and helpful as they protect your eyes from the damaging rays of the sun. Moreover, on days when you just do not feel like doing the most, sunglasses can come to your rescue and hide your face.

Spice things up with graphic tees

Graphic tees are great for traveling. Not only are graphic tees super comfortable, but they are also easy to style. You can wear them over an everyday pair of jeans, a skirt, or even overalls. They are fun and fashionable; what more must a stellar outfit have to offer, right?

Parting thoughts

Staying on-trend while traveling can be quite a challenge for some of us owing to practical reasons mostly. You cannot possibly pack up your entire wardrobe into your suitcase. When working with limited choices, creativity is the need of the hour. Take some style inspiration and create your very own outfits using whatever you are traveling with. Always dress to impress. Also, be sure to rock whatever you wear with confidence because confidence is everything when it comes to fashion.