What Kind of Results Can You Get With a WordPress SEO Plan?

What Kind of Results Can You Get With a WordPress SEO Plan?


Are you thinking about hiring an agency to work on your WordPress SEO? Before diving into this arena, there are a few things you want to know in order to get the best possible results for your website.

First of all, if you are operating an eCommerce website on WordPress, this will drastically change your SEO approach and the nature of any optimization campaign. There is a world of difference between a service-based website or blog, vs an eCommerce store.


Most Cheapest SEO service don’t actually know all that much about eCommerce, including shopper intentions and how they relate to certain keywords. While you may think this is inconsequential from an SEO perspective, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Why User Intent and Keyword Research Go Hand in Hand
The kind of content that’s on your WordPress website and the behavior that you expect out of your users will determine the keywords you want to target. Of course, your products and the industry you are in matter as well, but in general, a finely-crafted WordPress SEO campaign requires a deep understanding of the relationship between keywords and user intent.

The agency that you select for your digital marketing has to be eCommerce focused and must prioritize keyword research at the outset of the campaign. This way you know that the targeting will be on point.

This is important because Google now pays close attention to metrics like bounce rate, or how quickly a user jumps off of your website or landing page once they visit it. A high bounce rate indicates that the content they see doesn’t match their search intent. Google takes this into account and will rank you lower and lower in the search results if it notices that most users bounce quickly after searching a specific keyword.

What all of this means is that in order to create a successful SEO campaign, the agency in question must be ready to perform their due diligence. Everything from your niche to the buying intent of your users must be taken into account and baked into the SEO plan itself.

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A Skilled WordPress SEO Agency For The Job
If you are ready to start working on your WordPress SEO, knowing the importance of keywords and search intent is just one of many areas that you need to be aware of. For a store owner or website manager, this is far too much to tackle alone. You need the help of a skilled eCommerce marketing agency that can perform this research on your behalf and then put together a winning campaign for you that will drive results.


In the world of eCommerce marketing for WordPress stores, there’s no agency quite like Genius eCommerce®. They are the leader when it comes to providing comprehensive SEO campaigns for websites just like yours, regardless of the industry you fine yourself in. They even handle tough and competitive industries such as vaping, gaming, CBD products, and more. Without question, they are the team you want heading your SEO plan going forward.

The idea of starting a full-fledged SEO campaign might seem daunting. After all, you may not even entirely understand what SEO is and how it works. That’s OK! Genius eCommerce® are veterans when it comes to working closely with clients throughout the entire SEO process. With a transparent process and a deep knowledge of WordPress and eCommerce, they can help you understand what your website needs and will take everything off of your plate and handle it without you having to concern yourself with the complexities of SEO.

If you are ready to start a professional SEO campaign with a leading digital marketing agency like Genius eCommerce®, give their team a call at 888.982.8269.

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