What is a Dedicated Server in Chicago? (Benefits, Definition, & Tips)

What is a Dedicated Server in Chicago? (Benefits, Definition, & Tips)

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In today’s age, technology, AI, and the internet is becoming popular day by day. Business owners and entrepreneurs find new ways to market their businesses. At this time website and dedicated hosting is the most popular way to expand your business. Mid and large-cap business owners can choose dedicated servers in Chicago that are provided to a single organization. 

Because for different purposes or features companies prefer to choose dedicated hosting. For example, to get 99.9% uptime, faster loading speed, high-speed connection, unique IP address, to create a responsive and effective website, high level of security, custom configuration, backups, and much more. 

So, with the help of this article, you will understand all about Chicago dedicated servers or the benefits of dedicated servers and tips to deciding the right dedicated hosting for your business.  

Definition About Chicago Based Dedicated Server 

A dedicated server is a single-tenant server, this is run only one specific service or application. This is beneficial for large-cap businesses or companies that need a high-speed connection, lots of storage, 100% uptime, faster speed, and enhanced security. Companies also set up their dedicated server and install the physical hardware in the data center. 

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Two types of dedicated hosting are available for your business. 

Managed Dedicated Hosting:

When you get a dedicated server on rent from a hosting provider company in Chicago. Hardware, data center, and IT team manage by hosting provider company. They provide a hosting environment to configure the server. 

Unmanaged Dedicated Server:

An unmanaged dedicated server in Chicago is a type of server in which you buy server hardware or lease a dedicated server from a hosting provider company. Unlike a managed server, this is best in power, uptime, networking, additional configuration, and performance.

Which businesses Can get a Dedicated Server?

Before getting a dedicated server, you need to understand all about your business. Choosing a dedicated server is depends on your business. The website gets a high amount of traffic and wants to store lots of data or information on the server, which can get a dedicated server. A dedicated server is expensive than other so small businesses cant afford it. And this is useless for them. 

Need to Secure sensitive or confidential financial Data: 

You get a dedicated server with enhanced security and safety to protect your sensitive and financial data. For example, an e-commerce website, investment firm, and banking institution can securely record their sensitive data on the dedicated server

Organize Hospital Information:

Health care industries can choose a dedicated server to securely record their patient information. Therefore medical industries often use dedicated hosting to secure their patient, staff, and statistics information. 

Software, E-commerce, and data analysis site:

A dedicated server in Chicago provides you protection against spammers, fraudulent activity, interception, hacking, and virus. This protects your data like credit card information, mailing and shipping address, purchase records, and date of birth. 

Top Benefits You Get With Chicago Dedicated Server

benefits of getting a dedicated server

Here are all the benefits of Chicago Dedicated Server and how it helps you grow your business – 

1. Dedicated Resources

With dedicated hosting, you do not need to share resources with any other business, portal or firm. You would be a sole-proprietor of the dedicated hosting, and you have access to exclusive services at your disposal – Disk Space, CPU usage, bandwidth, and RAM

When you have an independent server all by yourself, you eliminate the possible risks and dangers that hamper your website productivity – 

  • Bad network
  • Another tenant gobbling up resources and slowing down your IT operations.
  • Slow loading of your web portal due to enormous traffic
  • Server down issue that usually happens with crashes at more regular intervals

Dedicated hosting gives your business and website the optimal stability that you need in order to grow and scale your brand reputation. 

2. Fast Load Speed

More accessible resources empower elements to load faster. For instance, the plug-in extensions and other add-on applications will run smoother compared to any shared or VPS server. 

Having a better page loading speed is a prime optimizing factor that helps your platform rank to the top, regardless of any search engines. With dedicated servers, your platform harnesses a flash-like speed that let your users load a platform in merely less than a second. 

Speed has a bottom-line impact on any online business, it not only help them accelerate their daily revenue but acquire potential customer, year to year basis. Do you know – 

  • Every second added to load your platform results in 10% less sales conversions
  • A one-second delay in relay time can bring about 11% fewer website visits.
  • Nearly 40% of customers leave a website that takes over three seconds to load completely.
  • More than 50% of the users leave the items in the e-cart and quits the platform, all due to slow website speed. 

Once you have an optimal speed you can actually scale your contents as per the marketing needs thus allowing you to upload videos, MP3, animations, and much more. 

3. More Reliable Up time

When you operate your business or any endeavour on a shared server, they are more prone to crash if there is a slight jump in the traffic. There are high chances of less revenue, fewer new prospects. A dedicated server guarantees your site or application to run fast and efficiently quick and easily, even during peak usage hours.

Tips to choosing the Right Dedicated Server:

In the following point i will explain you tips to choosing the right dedicated server in Chicago. 

  • Understand your business requirement 
  • Review your budget and expansive
  • Consider your staff size
  • Research about your traffic, industry, and market
  • Think about your security requirement
  • Try different hosting before choosing a dedicated server



Let’s understand the summary of this article, a dedicated server is a single-tenant server that provides lots of benefits and features. Two types of dedicated hosting in Chicago are available for business. Benefits it provides like high performance, top-level security, unique IP address, faster-loading speed, maximum up time, unlimited bandwidth, and completely worthy of money. This is beneficial for e-commerce, SaaS website, banking institutions, and medical website that need high data protection.

Here, I recommend you serverwala to get the best, reliable, and cheap dedicated server in Chicago. They also provide high security, robust hardware, high processing power, storage, and 24*7 technical support. 

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