What Flowers Symbolize During Weddings

What Flowers Symbolize During Weddings


Few gifts can overtake the significant impact created by wedding bouquets. Flowers speak in the language of fragrance, beauty, tenderness and the many other qualities that flowers possess in them. Flowers are also associated with a deep symbolism and hence they make the perfect gift for any wedding. Here is what you need to know about flowers and their symbolism for weddings.

Wedding is a singularly wonderful occasion that any bride or groom would like to celebrate and glorify by putting in the best of their efforts. Every wedding is planned with a lot of personal touches. It is also equally important to personalize your flowers. While making a Wedding Flowers Bouquet, it is not enough that you concentrate on the colors and styles of the bouquet. It is equally important to choose the flowers and their arrangement after learning about their deep symbolism.


Flowers symbolism
Flowers have been associated with a deep symbolism down the ages. Even during the Victorian era, flowers were used to convey powerful sentiments, feelings and messages that would be difficult to convey through words adequately and appropriately. Today, couples pay a lot of attention to infuse symbolism into their bouquets any make them speak something so wonderful about the marriage, marrying partners and their relationship.

Roses and their messages
In the meaning of flowers, colors have a very important connotation. Roses are no doubt the perfect choice for weddings. However, it is interesting to note that the different hues of roses have different messages to convey. Red roses stand for passion while white roses are the symbol of purity. Pink roses stand for admiration and joy. While white hyacinths indicate loveliness, the blue ones stand for constancy.

Anemones convey expectations
Every bride and groom has great expectations about their marriage. Anemone flowers are priced moderately and they represent expectations. Hence they are the perfect choice for an event of marriage that is all about marching towards a promising future. The other meanings associated with anemones are protection against evil and good luck.

Baby’s breath
A lot of people have admiration for these bouquets due to their deep symbolism especially connected to marriage. Baby’s breath symbolize innocence and they are now back in style after a brief departure from our marriages. You get them all year round and they are fairly inexpensive that makes them a great choice for bouquets.

These are some of the commonly misunderstood flowers. Widely underrated, carnations have something profound to convey depending on their color. Pink carnations represent boldness and red carnations stand for love. White carnations indicate talent. Carnations are inexpensive and are available all around the year.

Yet another cost effective variety of flowers are chrysanthemums. Three different words that you can cull out to associate with these flowers are truth, wealth and abundance.

The homework you need to do
Choosing the right bouquets is as important as the colours and arrangements you will expect in a wedding bouquet. Hence doing some homework must always go before ordering for your bouquet. When you have given your bit to custom make the bouquet you wish to present for a marriage, you can achieve the perfect outcome that will speak volumes without a single word.