Top 5 Viewpoints In Mahabaleshwar For A Perfect Instagram Feed

Top 5 Viewpoints In Mahabaleshwar For A Perfect Instagram Feed

Viewpoints In Mahabaleshwar

A quaint and picturesque hill station in the lap of the magnificent Sahyadri Mountain Range, Mahabaleshwar is a perfect place to spend a few days away from the city’s bustle and get one with nature. With stunning viewpoints, age-old temples, serene lakes, and cascading falls, Mahabaleshwar offers you a complete package of relaxation and enjoyment.

And do you know the best part? This place is renowned for its strawberry farms, and the famous Mahabaleshwar berries will add a bit of delicious sweetness to your trip. So, if you live in and around Pune, you can explore this beautiful hill station with your friends or family by booking an affordable cab from Pune to Mahabaleshwar for a quick weekend getaway that you will remember for a lifetime.

Top viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar for a stunning Instagram feed

Blessed with an excellent climate, dense forests, rolling hills, sparkling waterfalls and spectacular viewpoints for your Instagram feed, Mahabaleshwar promises you a refreshing time in the lap of nature.

Here are the top five viewpoints you can visit in Mahabaleshwar to click some breathtaking Instagram-worthy snapshots.

  • Arthur’s Point

Situated at an altitude of 1340 m, Arthur’s Seat Point is a famous viewpoint in Mahabaleshwar. This well-known point got named after Arthur Malet, the first man to construct a house here.

Offering a majestic view of resonant, remote Savitri Valley on one side and a narrow green plateau on the other side, Arthur Point is known as the Queen of all Points in Mahabaleshwar. Also, this is the only point that displays the geological difference between the Deccan Plateau and Konkan Coast.

  • Lodwick Point

Lodwick Point is a fascinating vantage end that spreads at an altitude of 4087 feet in Mahabaleshwar. Previously known as the Sydney Point, it was renamed Lodwick point in 1824 to honour the accomplishments of the first British officer General Lodwick.

Apart from witnessing the mesmerizing sunset, here you can also glimpse a 25 feet high pole that comprises the head of Lodwick constructed of marble at the bottom. This viewpoint presents an unparalleled vista of Elphinstone Point and  Pratapgarh Fort that you can capture for your Instagram!

  • Elphinstone Point

Located near Arthur Seat, Elphinstone Point is one of the scenic viewpoints in Mahabaleshwar. Founded in 1830 by Dr Murray, this point got named after the prominent Governor of Bombay Presidency, Mount Stuart Elphinstone.

Being one of the most elevated viewpoints of Mahabaleshwar, travellers can get a panoramic vista of the Koyna Valley, Pratapgarh Fort, and the canyon between Arthur’s Point and Elphinstone Point.

  • Elephant’s Head Point

Famously known as Needle Hole Point, Elephant’s Head Point is another panoramic lookout point to click beautiful snapshots in Mahabaleshwar. The viewpoint features an overhanging ridge that resembles an elephant head and its trunk. Also, the breathtaking view of the Sahyadri mountain range that you get from this viewpoint is fascinating, and this splendid scenery attracts countless visitors.

  • Savitri Viewpoints In Mahabaleshwar

Situated between Arthur Point and Elphinstone Point, Savitri Point is another stunning vantage viewpoint in Mahabaleshwar. Popularly known as the Suicide Point, this place gives an unmatched spectacular view of Savitri River and its valley with abundant picturesque beauty encompassing the hilltop.

Final Words on Viewpoints In Mahabaleshwar

The enchanting magnificence of Mahabaleshwar is something that you must experience first-hand. So what are you waiting for? Book a Pune car rental with a local driver to head out to this beautiful hill station and embark on a remarkable journey exploring its stunning viewpoints and an abundance of natural grandeur.