Titch The Creative Ideology Behind the Most Talked Children Series Titch

Titch The Creative Ideology Behind the Most Talked Children Series Titch

Titch Children's TV Series

Titch Children’s Series | Titch TV Series | Creative Ideology behind Titch

Titch Children Series. In this article we going to talk about Titch Children Series in detail. Ah! Are you another one of the 90’s kids searching up for the weird noodle-haired kid in the blue sweater cartoon character or perhaps trying to remember the name of the series? If you are then, welcome! You just found the right place to live up your childhood…again. 


Yes, It was called Titch. The series and also the yellow noodle-haired character’s name; both were named Titch.

Hoof! Now that you know the name, you’re free to breathe. 

Titch Tv Series

Titch TV Series

It was one of those ‘old times’ godly series watched by little guys on the couch in every home back in the late 1990s. It is safe to say that Titch TV Series was the most liked children’s television programme back in the days. And sure, the series really lived up to the dream of the director and the creator herself as well — charting as one of the top-rated children’s plays on all channels in the UK.

The series is a product of the United Kingdom and has three parts-slash-seasons. The total number of episodes aired on television was thirty nine, all credited to the respectable writer and creator of the all-time favorite children’s play.

The Creator of Titch TV Series Pat Hutchins

Patricia Evelyn Hutchins, better known as Pat Hutchins, was the creator and mind behind this British stop-motion children’s play. Pat was also the illustrator, creator, and writer of the very lovable Titch Book Series.

Creator of Titch Tv Series

Not only that, Hutchins wrote and illustrated about fifty British children’s books, and they were all immensely loved by the audience. She, along with her illustrator husband, Laurence, gave us many all-time favorite series, even regarded as the best child’s play to this date. However, Titch still remains the heart and soul of their divine works. And it shall remain in the same place forever.

The Director of Titch TV Series

The Titch TV series was directed by a very renowned animation director, Mike Lodge.

The Production of Titch TV Series

According to the writer and creator of the Titch TV Series and Titch Book, Pat Hutchins, the series per episode took three weeks since the creation method was stop-motion animation. Stop-motion, as its name defines, is an animated film-making technique in which clay models-slash-characters are used or manipulated in such a way that they exhibit independent motion instead of the old-fashioned proposed cartoons.

Since the budget given to the animating teams was limited for the series, the whole series’ production turned out rather minimalistic. This, as well, explains the use of miniature models and not super big figures used for stop-motion animation.

As credited to the creator and writer of the Titch TV series Series and Titch Book series, the whole production came under the label of Hutchins Film Company, Yorkshire Television.

Original Release and Network

The series’ first episode aired on the 26th of September, 1997, on Children’s ITV (CITV). The first two parts of the series aired on television between 1997 and 1999. Soon after the first two releases of the series, the third part premiered on television during 2000 and finished with its final episode in mid 2001. There had not been a single reason disclosed for the cancelation and discontinuation of the programme; however, the repetitions of the Titch Series did occur quite a few times until 2003.

The repeats of the program aired in years 2005 and 2006 on

Tiny Living, later moving to Milkshake! on Channel 5.

DVDs of the Titch TV series were released in 2005, titled Picnic and Other Stories and Christmas.

The Titch Storyline

Growing up, what had been the worst thing you have ever felt? Being a loner, a left out, a fourth, fifth, sixth, or nth number wheel of the family, and someone who has always been overlooked just because of the young age?

If you did feel anything like that, then we may let you know, you were not the only one feeling a little more than left out in the family. This is how it always goes. An unsaid rule in a family. The younger the guy, the loner he shall remain to be. You may be the littlest one, you must be the loneliest one.

Titch was no different from the many of us. As the whole series story revolved around him, a little-slash-youngest boy in the family. Titch liked to play around and help his older siblings, Mary and Peter. However, Titch’s siblings were always up to something, teaming up together, and keeping Titch away from all of their activities. In the series, you will find Mary and Peter constantly glowering and furrowing their little brother, telling him to get away, or not wanting him to be a part of anything they do.

Titch Storyline

One might think what was Titch’s fault to be treated like that? Why did Peter and Mary have never let Titch — their very own brother — participate in their fun time and playful activities? Did Titch was really at the fault here? Was Titch really that bad at games that even his siblings never wanted him to be their teammate? What did Titch ever do to face his siblings’ ignorance and harsh behavior? Was there even any reason?

And of course, it always came down to his age. His fault was and will always be him being the youngest of all. Not surprised, are we? We are talking about siblings after all. There should be no legitimate reason behind acting coldly towards your own brother. And a little one at that. It is the uncalled sibling war after all.

Titch was little. Titch was small. And everything about him was as well. From his head till his pinky toe, his chubby hands till his fingers, his little legs till his entire frame. Everything was little and small, just like him. And there comes his pinwheel, chair, and tricycle. Too small, just like him.

Titch Storyline

But unlike him, his siblings were big and large. And hence, everything about and of them was big as well. From their stature till their hands, from their bicycles till their feet. Everything about them was larger, bigger, and much faster than Titch. And so, they were better. Better at flying kites as their kites fly over houses and trees, so high than Titch could ever make his kite fly that up. And that is why Mary and Peter did not want to play with Titch. Because he was young, small, and little. And his siblings were older, bigger, and larger. Titch was unfitA no match. 

However, Titch did not sit back and lived in loneliness. He refused to feel left out. As resourceful Titch was, he soon found his distractions and activities that included only him. Him and his fun time. At first, Titch started seeking out his own ‘fun time’ with his very beloved Grandpa, then came his best friend Sam, and then the best of all, his little pet friend. The family’s black and white tail cat is called Tailcat. Furthermore, he also had his little yellow chair, Handy. The very source of his happiness, comfort, and fun.

“And when I am big, I’ll be good at the games

They say I’m too little to play”

Titch would play not alone. He would always play with his best friend Sam, his pet friend Tailcat, or would ride his bicycle, earning him the greatest of all fun. Tich knows that he is small, and he is also aware that his siblings are big. Titch knows that he is small for the world, his bicycle is small compared to his siblings’.But when he plants a seed, he sees his plant grow, grow, and grow.

Titch did keep himself occupied while being near with all the things and the people dearest to him.

Titch Cast and Characters

As documented above, the series revolves around a little boy named Titch, making him the leading character of the whole children’s play. For the first two parts, the voice (narrator) behind the whole series was Peter Jones. However, as for the final part, the series was narrated by Paul Vaughan.

The leading characters after, of course, Titch are his older, mean siblings Peter and Mary, who would not let their younger brother be a part of any of their activities.

Titch Cast and Characters

As for the children’s parents, they have always been around the show, appearing almost in every scene, roaming around, busy doing things, but their faces never appeared on the screen. While watching, it felt like seeing adults being around the children, doing works of their own, but not appearing as the ‘mains’ of the show. And this explains the reason behind keeping the faces of adults as ‘secrets.’ Though, there had not been a single explanation given of doing so by the writer or creator of the entire series.

Titch Episodes

According to the stats and duration time per episode aired on the televisions, each Ticth episode was ten minutes long. The total number of Titch episodes released in three parts was thirty-nine, as mentioned above.

The names of all episodes were named as;

Episode One:  Making Biscuits

Episode TwoThe Fancy Dress Party

Episode ThreeYou’ll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch

Episode FourSpaceman Titch

Episode FiveTidy Titch

Episode SixThe Picnic

Episode SevenGardener Titch

Episode EightTitch Was Little

Episode NineSleeping Baby

Episode Ten: Camp Fire 

Episode ElevenBedtime Titch

Episode TwelveThe Christmas Tree

Episode Thirteen: A Snowy Day

Episode Fourteen: Pancakes

Episode FifteenDecorator Titch

Episode Sixteen: Bathtime Titch

Episode Seventeen: Sticky Titch

Episode Eighteen: Lost and Found

Episode Nineteen: The Great Aunt Edna

Episode Twenty: Visiting Grandpa

Episode Twenty OneSpotty Titch

Episode Twenty TwoThe Train Set

Episode Twenty ThreeThe Best Friend

Episode Twenty Four: A Windy Day

Episode Twenty FiveGrandpa Visit

Episode Twenty SixChristman Eve

Episode Twenty SevenHide and Seek

Episode Twenty EightMathematical Titch

Episode Twenty NineBabysitter Titch

Episode ThirtyGrandpa’s Treehouse

Episode Thirty OneDick Whittington’s Tail Cat

Episode Thirty TwoGreat Aunt Edna Visits

Episode Thirty ThreeTrick or Treat

Episode Thirty FourThe Funfair

Episode Thirty FiveGrandpa’s Piano

Episode Thirty SixSailor Titch

Episode Thirty Seven: Tail Cat and Bill Cat

Episode Thirty EightA Surprise Visit

Episode Thirty NinePresents


The series music is melodic, beautiful, and light. It was composed by a well-known British pianist and composer, Michael Nyman.

Titch Books

There were many pieces of the Titch Book Series written by Pat Hutchins. They are named;

  1. Titch, written in 1971
  2. You’ll Soon Grow Into Them, Titch, written in 1983
  3. Tidy Titch, written in 1991
  4. Titch and Daisy, written in 1996

Titch Book

Titch Conclusion

Here is all you needed to know about the historic, all-time favorite British Tv series for children — Titch. Had it been released today, in this era, again, it would have been a massive animation hit among many children’s programs aired on TV today.

However, it would not be unfair to state that it might also have not gotten the same recognition and appreciation from the audience, as this era largely revolves around online TV forums and channels.

Titch FAQS

Q 1. Who was the creator of Titch TV Series?

Patricia Evelyn Hutchins, better known as Pat Hutchins, was the creator of Titch TV Series.

Q 2. Who Directed this TV Series?

This children series was directed by a very renowned animation director, Mike Lodge.

Q 3. When was the first Episode of Titch Released on TV?

Titch Children Series’ first episode was aired on the 26th of September, 1997, on Children’s ITV (CITV).

Q 4. Which is the most liked children’s TV programme in the UK?

There is no doubt that Titch TV Series was the most loved children’s television programme back in the days. And sure. This series was charted as one of the top-rated children’s plays on all channels in the United Kingdom.