How Warning Signs Can Save You from Legal Trouble

How Warning Signs Can Save You from Legal Trouble

Warning Signs

Did you know that warning signs are there to save you from legal troubles? Indeed, they help you learn about the potential dangers. But more than that, if you own a business or a property and have warning signs there, it can save you from legal troubles.

Let’s explore more on these benefits of adding warning signs and how you’re contributing towards your and other people’s well-being at the same time:

1. The Duty of Care

Duty of care implies that you, as a property or business owner, have a duty towards the people on your property to ensure their safety. Warning signs help you fulfil this duty of care by showing that you have been proactive.

Therefore, if you have warning signs in your building, you can help you deal with the legal claims. But you have to make sure that these signs convey accurate information or that they are easy to understand by everyone.

2. The Negligence Factor

What happens if someone files a case against you for accidents or injuries? Your first line of defence will be to prove that necessary or reasonable precautions were taken to prevent potential dangers or, at least, to inform people of the dangers.

That’s where warning signs can help you by showing that you acted responsibly and there wasn’t any negligence in the act.

3. Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk

Warning signs are kind of like informed consent for the people. For example, you have a ‘Beware Electrical Hazard’ sign. After reading that, if someone decides to still continue on the given path, then they had informed consent and also knew the assumption of risk.

This shows that the person was fully informed. And it isn’t just about hazard signs. You can find many other warning signs to add, especially at RS website. Providing awareness of hazards also falls in the category.

It is when a person knows the risks and/or dangers but chooses to ignore it.

4. The Legal Compliance

Of course, let’s not forget that there are certain safety compliances and standards that you might have to meet before you can get approval to run a business. It can be the need for exit signs, hazard signs, or any other warning signs in the area.

These help you fulfil the legal requirements and avoid penalties and liabilities.

5. Liability Limitation and Risk Transfer:

The fun part about these warning signs is that you can still customise them. As long as the symbols and information are clearly understood by everyone, you can add disclaimers or additional rules. You could even add mandatory signs and others. People will have to comply.

This can help you in the long run. But don’t forget to document and keep records of all the warning signs or any other kind of sign you have. If you add the signs after some kind of accident or claim, that won’t work. You often have to provide a copy of the bill for the signs, which shows the date and when they were installed.