How to Stay Positive in a Toxic Work Environment

How to Stay Positive in a Toxic Work Environment

Toxic Work Environment

Are you facing a toxic work environment? You’re not alone, and there are several ways that can help you remain positive about it. Find out more here.

Is there anything worse than a toxic work environment? Most professionals would say no. In fact, a 2019 study suggests 58% of workers quit because of manager toxicity. Of course, if you’ve been struggling against a toxic work environment, none of this is news to you. You, and your colleagues, have already encountered it firsthand. Of course, you should always discuss your concerns with HR and any third parties involved in your hiring, such as manufacturing staffing agencies.

Your opinion as a current or soon-to-be-former employee has value. Especially to future candidates. But there are also ways to survive and retain positivity in a toxic workplace. Read on to discover more below.

Remaining Positive in a Toxic Workplace

In today’s hyper-competitive business world, people already have their hands full simply managing their usual tasks and day-to-day disruptions. Any inefficiency can compromise their productivity. And a toxic workplace can result in not just inefficiency, but unnecessary stress, conflict, and even burnout. At the very least, a toxic work environment will impair the positivity and motivation you try to bring to your role every day. Luckily, the following tips can help you offset some of the negativity and toxicity:

Find Your Work Buddy

A work buddy is a colleague from the same workplace as you. However, unlike most other colleagues, this is a person that you may share certain values with. Particularly in the context of resisting workplace toxicity. It can become easier to face a challenging workday or a toxic workplace when you know you are not alone. A work buddy can help you vent, find your bearings, or simply find support to get through a tough working environment.

Share Your Concerns with Friends/Family

Sympathetic team members are a great advantage in a toxic workplace. But you may also need to communicate your concerns with your friends and family. Remember, your loved ones are usually invested in your success. And in many cases, the reaction to a toxic workplace can easily bleed over into your personal life and relationships. While you may have context (at least internally) to your irritable behavior, people outside of your workplace may not. Therefore, talking to your close friends and family about the toxicity may help you ease off the pressure outside of the workplace.

Don’t Be Shy About Taking Time Off

As a professional, it is very easy to start placing your responsibilities before your needs. And this is usually a very admirable trait in any workforce. However, when workplace toxicity begins to impact your mental or physical health, considering some time off is not a bad idea. Most employers offer paid time off to their workers. Depending on the applicable labor laws and company policies, you may be eligible for paid time off as well. Therefore, you don’t have to be shy about using it. Especially when some time away from toxicity can help you recuperate and return with your usual positivity.

Set Goals and Remember Them

If you’ve been working in a toxic workplace for a while, you must have a very good reason. Nobody likes to put themselves in uncomfortable positions. Therefore, you must have certain goals that keep you motivated, even in a toxic work environment.

These goals can vary from individual to individual. You may be working a toxic job simply to earn seed money for your own gig. Or you could have a loved one with mounting medical bills that you’re trying to cover. Or your current employer, even if toxic, may have a market reputation that adds prestige to your own resume. If you don’t already have goals, it may be time to set them and keep them at the core of your career progress.

Establish and Reinforce Workplace Boundaries

Establishing and maintaining boundaries is very important in any relationship. That includes a professional relationship. When in a toxic working environment, establishing and reinforcing these boundaries is even more important than usual. You need to clearly communicate the limits of what you are willing to stomach and what crosses the line. Setting boundaries can be tricky, especially with certain personality types. But the benefits include creating a safer space for yourself amid the toxicity. A space where you can be productive without impacting your health and motivation.

Start Working on Exit Plans and Milestones

So Finally, start working on your exit strategy. A toxic workplace is almost always going to find it hard to retain employees. That means you don’t have to be shy about prioritizing yourself over a toxic employer. Quitting your job seems like the best solution. But most people have obligations like rent, mortgage, tuition, leases, and even student loans. That means they can’t just quit a job, because most lack a financial cushion to land on.

However, you don’t have to condemn yourself to workplace misery just because you have responsibilities. Yes, you may need to hold on to your toxic job a little while longer till you find a better opportunity. But you can start working towards that today. For example, you could start revamping your LinkedIn profile with a more targeted approach. That includes updating and adjusting your resume for the kind of jobs/employers that appeal to you. It may also be a good idea to reach out to your local staffing agencies. If a staffing firm pennsylvania can help you locate a better employer, why not try? All you have to lose is a toxic workplace, after all!

How do you prove a toxic work environment?

To prevail on a hostile work environment claim, an employee must establish that: (1) he or she belongs to a protected group, (2) he or she was subjected to unwelcome harassment, (3) the harassment was based on a protected characteristic, (4) the harassment was sufficiently severe or pervasive to alter the terms. Thank you for reading and Let’s Stay connected for more updated blog news.