Reasons To Consult a Physiotherapist for Chronic Back Pain

Reasons To Consult a Physiotherapist for Chronic Back Pain

Physical therapy

Several underlying causes may result in back pain, and you need to consult a doctor for the same. If your back is chronic and causing reduced range of motion, the medical professional to consult is a physiotherapist for relief. Physical therapy is an effective treatment for eliminating the pain and discomfort associated with back pain. Here are the goals that a physical therapist keeps in mind when offering treatment to patients.

  • Minimizing pain and stiffness: With manual therapy techniques, the physiotherapist helps in minimizing pain on the affected muscles of the back and they can remove the stress from your back muscles.
  • Strength development: The therapist creates a specific treatment plan comprising several exercises to strengthen the muscles of the affected area.
  • Preventing aggravation of problems: One of the biggest benefits of consulting with a physiotherapist is the opportunity to learn various body mechanics to avoid pain and injuries in the future.
    • Improving range of motion and quality of life: The therapist integrates several exercises in the mode of treatment to enhance the range of motion on the back. Besides, the treatment techniques of physical therapy help in improving a healthy lifestyle.

Mode of Treatment

The therapist disintegrates the treatment plan into two separate categories, such as active and passive. The passive treatment options include hot and cold therapy, ultrasound, electrotherapy and massage, and you can follow such treatment procedures to get relieve from muscle stiffness, inflammation, and pain. On the other hand, the active therapies may incorporate exercises and stretching based on the condition of the patient.

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Knowing the Root Cause

Before you go ahead and schedule an appointment with a physiotherapist, it is necessary to know the root cause of your back pain. Often, the underlying reasons may be as mundane as maintaining bad posture during sitting or a sudden movement that may result in sprain. Typically, back pain for not so severe reasons may go away within a few weeks with over-the-counter-medication and heat or cold therapy. However, the pain often returns later or worsens to cause arthritis or herniated discs. Besides, bowel issues and kidney problems may also cause back pain.

When the pain symptoms on the back do not improve, the doctor may recommend physical therapy. Here is what you may expect from the therapist when seeking appointment for back pain.

  • Personalized treatment plans: The therapists do not follow the same treatment plan for all painful conditions. They assess the situation of each patient and consider their age, lifestyle, and the body type before recommending the therapies.
  • Reducing immobility: The physiotherapist you consult with for treatment not only helps in minimizing pain but digs in-depth to find the root cause of the problems. Therefore, people with weak back muscles may require strengthening exercises to recover while the therapist tries to alleviate the stiffness on the back.
  • Reduce the chances of surgery: Surgery for back pain should be the last resort. However, undergoing physical therapy regularly helps in relieving back pain. It also reduces the risk of further injuries during movements through stretching exercises. You can avoid painful surgery by hiring a physiotherapist.
  • Pain relief: A physiotherapist assesses the way which you walk or run, and they can demonstrate some right moves to reduce your back pain. Often, the therapists use electrical stimulation to restore the function the function of the muscles and nerves.

Things To Know

Physical therapy has emerged as one of the most prominent techniques to treat and prevent painful conditions of the body, especially back pain. Several different methods, such as joint mobilization, stretching exercises, dry needling, and other techniques provide relief from discomfort.