Link chains The new statement piece

Link chains The new statement piece

Link chains

Whilst fashion trends in jewellery come and go, the taste for Gold in jewellery continues to stand firm in its different incarnations. Unlike newer chains where names are given and evolve, classic chain styles have unchanged names and stayed popular throughout and the celebrated link chain is part of this classic style chain. Silver Link chains are the starting point for creating a fashion piece that will stand the test of time but not cost you the Earth.

The traditional link chain consisting of continuous links of gold wonder are classic styles of gold chain and a style that fits well with any of your pendants, and the larger the links, the nicer it can be to wear on their own. There are so many ways to wear this trend- from necklaces and bracelets to even earrings in gold, silver, and rose gold colours. Even at a brief glance, this article will guide you through the things to consider when making that all-important purchase.

Keep it simple

Whether you wear a chain for style, comfort, or functionality, being at a prominent position of eye level, your chain gets good attention. Linked chains are truly versatile pieces of jewelry that are a must-have add-on to your collection. The end-to-end circles in linked chains are usually said to represent eternal love and human connection. How audible you want to make the statement, might be reflected in the visible thickness of your chain, and the depth of that statement reflected in the intimacy and craft with which the links are formed together.

Layer it up

Make layers your thing and stack your chunky link chains with more delicate and dainty pieces. The juxtaposition keeps it interesting. And the contrasting shapes are not only super stylish but also add more interest to the look, as well as being easy to keep de-tangled. Both paper clip chains and their chunkier counterparts offer endless versatility and wearability as they are ideal for layering.

Dress up your wrists

Link chains have been all over the place and these chains can be styled in many ways depending on how you style them. The links of the chain-inspired bracelet can be slender and not too big, keeping the feminine silhouette. Check out the latest gold bracelet designs with weight and pick your unique style of chain bracelet for a subtle addition to your outfit or stack alongside other bangles to create a statement look.

Add a pendant

The link chain is an excellent choice for delicate charm necklaces, with dainty, lightweight pendants. The beauty of the pendant necklace is that it is easily customizable, you can add a precious gem or your initials to the chain. Your pendant should emphasize your beauty and compliment your face, not detract from it, so choosing the right piece is vital. With so many styles and choices available, the perfect pendant necklace will flatter your neckline and transform your look.

Whether as a chain around the neck or on the wrist the beautiful woven links are a quick and easy way to embellish your outfit while keeping it sophisticated. Be inspired and go for a fashionable chunky link chain or a heavy-handed version with multiple chains to bring out the diva in you.