Interactive Content in Marketing Customer Attraction through Experiences

Interactive Content in Marketing Customer Attraction through Experiences

Generate greater engagement and get valuable data. By inviting your users to take an action.
Today, companies that have a digital transformation strategy must focus on adding value. To their target audience through content that connects with them . That is the real challenge that content creators face every day. To find ways to attract the attention of users in such a way that we manage to keep them. As we have already said in other articles. The world is changing, what people like today may be unimportant tomorrow. But, there are formats that maintain this striking character. And today we want to tell you a little about the king of content.
We refer to interactive content, an ideal resource to connect with. Our audience and generate emotions that motivate users to take action. To achieve this you must innovate. And create striking materials (remember that you are not the only one doing it).
In this article we will share everything you need to know to run this type of content. To help your navigation within the text. We attach a table of contents that can help you find the topic of your interest more

Index of contents:

Definition Interactive Content
Visual content
Examples of Interactive Content
Landing Pages
Advantages of Interactive Content

What is interactive content?

I know that we emphasize this too much, but it is important to get the most out of this content. Remember that we live in a world where we are saturate with information from different media. Based on this premise, people are no longer looking for a brand. That spreads the characteristics or benefits of their products. They are looking for a brand with which they can take part and make it part of their lives. Being this clear, let’s move on to the definition of the concept. As its name indicates, interactive content is that. Which encourages interaction between the brand and the user.
With this we get our target audience to explore. And take part with the information we provide them. Improving the transmission of our brand messages, and thus retention by users. It’s a win:  you give a value and people get involved with your brand.

Visual content: the ideal complement to interactivity

When we talk about interactive content. It is impossible not to think about visual content. Since it is the basis of an attractive execution –do not neglect the texts. Keep in mind that words also connect with people. Interactivity aligned to visual content allows. you to create orderly and concise information. Here we present the importance of integrating this within your materials.
Now that you know the real impact. That you can generate on the users who consume your visual content. We want to share some examples of interactive content. That integrate both techniques within your communication strategy.
Examples of Interactive Content
Creativity is the only limit to create this type of content. We are sure that you have come across some of them. And even interacted, because that causes people to feel attracted to them.
Some of the most popular formats are as follows:

Interactive Infographic

Interactive infographics are the perfect example for sharing relevant information. Through the support of visual elements that appear. According to the actions that the user performs on them.
They are perfect for communicating a series of data and transmitting dynamism. They usually spread on social networks. Due to the immediacy with which they provide information.

 Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are a new way to engage the viewer with the content, through a wide variety of tools. When a user comes across this type of format. They can click to perform an action, scroll through it, or perform a series of actions to interact with the video.
Some examples of the tools integrated within an interactive video are the following:
360 Video:  Its main function is that users scroll through the content. Tis can be do in two different ways, by touching the finger, or by moving the cell phone in the desired direction. In this way the information that is “on the other side of the screen” is discover.
Hotspots:  These are selectable areas within a video that lead to some other site. Or reveal more information within a video.
Routes:  It has the peculiarity that the user makes his own decisions about what he wants to see next. It is a way to provide a personalized experience.
Implementing these tools within videos provides a more engaging experience. For the viewer and turns a static interaction video into something engaging for the user.

Interactive Questionnaires

The interactive questionnaires help the consumer. To direct him within his journey as a customer. Giving him a favorable shopping experience. More than informative or entertaining. They are a way to sell your product or service in a different way. Than the competition; they are also excellent for gathering information. That can be of great help for your future strategies.
The intention of these is for users to identify their needs. And show them the ideal solution to their problem.
GTip:  Automate processes so that data collection. And user experience are favorable for your company and for them.
Interactive Calculators
Interactive calculators are perfect to offer your potential buyers all the information. They need to research or buy your product, they are a way to maintain active communication. Between your offer and consumer demand. Of course, these are also an added value that impacts the user experience.
Some examples of interactive calculators are the following:
Calculators to compare prices
Calculators to transform units
Savings calculators
Earnings calculators within an affiliate plan
The possibilities are endless, you have to consider. If this tool is going to provide your users with a benefit at the time of the buy decision.

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps allow users to find a location and in turn take part in an entire experience. Google Maps is the perfect example for this. It allows you to move around the map, see the world in 3D and even position yourself as a citizen through Street View.

Interactive EBooks

Interactive EBooks are the best format to add value to users. They are perceive as a kind of guide with a lot of valuable information for a certain sector. Through these it is possible to combine texts with visual elements. Such as: videos, images, animations, audio files, etc.
What would your brand users think if instead of giving them a conventional pdf. You involved them in a whole visual experience? The amount of information that they will keep will be much greater. And so you will be perceive as a brand that provides useful resources. And it is possible that they will return to you.
There are some tools that can be useful. When you sit down to create an Interactive EBook, and above all save you a lot of time. Soon we will talk more about these within our Blog section.

– Landing Pages

The goal of a landing page is to drive conversions. Do you want to increase the percentage of them? Add them the possibility of interacting. To awaken the desire of consumption on the part of the visitors. It’s a way to have a real-time conversation with your potential customers. To do this you can include some of the formats that we have already mentioned before. In such a way that there is something beyond a static page. Beware, rely on the copy’s to encourage users to perform a certain action.
The results of this… You will reduce the bounce rate and so position. Your landing page above the competition in the search engines.
Still not convinced to tool interactive content within your communication strategy? It may be that from now on you will think twice.
Advantages of interactive visual content within digital marketing
1.- Improve engagement and participation
The value and quality of the content are a key piece. When it comes to engagement. We have already seen that everything that refers to the sense of sight is easier to remember. But also, as they are materials with which people interact. People become part of your company (and they love that). And you will see how the percentage of interaction with your brand. Will go through the roof after implementing them.

2. Innovative communication

Believe us; nobody wants to get involved with a brand that does the same thing. the world moves so fast that the only way to stand out in the market is to do different things. Diversify your content to keep your audience entertained. And delighted with what you do.

3.  Create person-oriented buyers

Most of the interactive contents have automation software integrated. And offer the possibility of knowing all the actions that users carry out with them. In this way you will be able to know the real interest. That users have with your brand. And of course design action plans based on the video data provided. To better connect with your audience.

4.  Qualified Leads

Keep in mind that if someone engaged to the end of your content. They are most likely interested in your value proposition. Thus tagging them as a qualified lead. From here we can develop remarketing strategies to merge the buy of your product or service.
How to make interactive content successfull?
if we are focuse there is no complexity at all. Keep in mind that the purpose of these is entertainment. So, it is important to create the perfect combination of valuable information. Fun, interactivity and, above all, user experience.
Find a way to provide a dynamic yet uncluttered experience. In this way, users who consume your content will continue to the end of it.