Back To School With Bewakoof

Back To School With Bewakoof

Back to School with Bewakoof Backpack

There are different types of school bags available for different purposes with Bewakoof brand, and many of them have little difference from each other. So, here Bewakoof bags comes with different types of bags for school so that no parent faces any difficulty while choosing the best school bags for their kids. Each bags have different uses and suitable for school goers. Although students need to choose bags from distinctive variety depending on their specific need. Let’s talk about all the types of Bewakoof bags they made and what is the purpose of their use.


Bewakoof bags for boys and girls will bring them pleasure and comfort in their school journey. With their favourite characters at their side. All of our school bags have attractive prints and padding all over, providing the highest level of comfort. They also have back and shoulder support for kids.

Types of Bewakoof Bags for school

Basic Bewakoof Backpack

The original Bewakoof backpack is defined only by the bag that can be carried on the back with the help of two shoulder straps. When carrying the Bewakoof bags, the shoulder straps require to be adjusted so that it gets based two inches underneath the shoulder. The backpack ends at your waist and does not extend more than two inches above your hips.

Mini Bewakoof Backpack

The mini Bewakoof backpack is a fashionable and stylish small backpack used for carrying light weight stuffs. Usually girls use it to carry books or their other belongings. Using mini backpack as purse has now become a big trend.

Basic Book Bag

Bewakoof bookbags are primarily designed to carry books. The size of a standard book is about 9 inches and the size of a book bag is about 10-14 inches. You could call it a simple bag in terms of pockets, as its main purpose is just to keep books.

Waterproof Bewakoof Backpack

Waterproof or water-resistant Bewakoof backpacks are essential for those who live in a rainy area or in unpredictable weather conditions. The waterproof backpack provides 100% protection from water and can prevent a quick sink without getting your stuffs wet.

Laptop Bag

The perk of laptop bag is you can place your laptop in a secure way with the special laptop compartment. The Bewakoof laptop bag features extra padding, is made of durable and waterproof material, and includes ultimate anti-theft protection for your laptop. It is ideal as college bags for girls. 


Bewakoof haversack is a small, striped, durable, knapsack type bag that is traditionally used by military to carry their extra stuffs. Nowadays, haversacks are used by teenagers and school children as fashion statement. These bags help in carrying extra class books, or copies.

Drawstring Bewakoof Backpack

A drawstring bag is a flexible bag that has a single open and close option with a drawstring on top that you have to pull to close the bag. Also known as a drawstring backpack cinch bag. This bag is convenient for quick drying, easy cleaning and carrying all gears.

Sling Bewakoof Backpack

The Bewakoof Sling bag is used like a backpack, but with a single strap, on one shoulder, around the waist and on the front side of the torso instead of wearing a strap for each shoulder. Its design provides more convenient access to bag contents with better load distribution than messenger bags or shoulder bags.

Snap Bewakoof Backpack

From the name you can guess its speciality as it offers magnetic snap button for your protection. These snap backpacks will give you a classy and stylish look. In addition, the magnetic snap button on the flip cover guarantees the safety of your belongings.

These are the variety of Bewakoof bags options that are perfect for the school environment. However, it is important to shop around to find the one that best suits your personal lifestyle and tastes.

Bewakoof bags are the best way to make everybody excited about attending school. Let every fan of the young age to study with our amazing Bewakoof backpacks and bags that are free of PVC. All children are bound to be enthralled and will be heading straight to class to display their favorite characters in their Bewakoof backpacks for school.


As parents and guardians we’re naturally concerned about filling our child’s backpack filled with books. But what is the most weight that a child should carry? The consensus among medical experts is that children should not carry more than 10 to 15 percent in their weight. If you consider an average 9-year-old who weighs 35kg, that means the amount of weight in the bag must not exceed 3.5kg between 5.25kg. Given that some Bewakoof backpacks for kids are already weighing up to 2kg without being filled and it’s easy to achieve the maximum weight, without having packed quite a lot.

It’s best to know whether your child is at ease carrying their bag to school. If they’re experiencing discomfort or are complaining about weight, make sure to remove any items from the bag before they leave.

Bewakoof backpacks are designed with light materials to allow children to effortlessly transport bags around.