Age Verification System – Mitigating Crisis in Online Dating Platform

Age Verification System – Mitigating Crisis in Online Dating Platform

Age Verification

There can be a gazillion of reasons. Why someone would want to hide their identity on the internet. Age verification. Among other KYC procedures is critical in online dating services. So, having an age verification solution is vital for online platforms. Whether it is to prevent minors from accessing these sites. So to prevent users from engaging in a relationship with someone who is faking their age.

As the globe transitions to a digital era. Therefore, dating habits have shifted as well. For those looking for an intimate connection. Such online dating sites have made ‘finding loved ones’ much easier. Online dating is simple to begin. Unlike traditional dating, it does not limit users to a certain geographic place in any situation. Furthermore, if things start to grow awkward than they already are. One may easily back off without complicating the situation.

As a result, the trend has shifted. And the usage of online dating sites has risen dramatically. People’s use of online dating sites has increased as a result of Covid-19. They sought to escape their mundane lives. “Tinder”, world’s most popular dating platform. They claimed a record breaking number of 3 million swipes in a single day in March 2020. From 2019 to 2025. The global online dating market is going to expand by more than a billion dollars. This indicates that online dating is here to stay. 

Dating scams and sexual assaults have become more common. As a result of the growing use of online dating. In 2019, the US government launched an inquiry into two of the most popular dating apps. ‘Tinder’ and ‘Grind,’ after law enforcement agencies reported an increase in sexual abuse incidents. Reports are there that involve 30 such rape incidents where juveniles were able to acquire access to these websites.

What Does it Mean When Someone Mentions Age Verification and How’s it Done?

Age verification is the process of checking to see if the age information provided by the user/purchaser of a business’s identity document is correct. This approach is doable manually or mechanically. Manual verification is rarely utilised because of the high risk of human error. The time-consuming nature of the activity.

Numerous firms are using online age verification to overcome this problem. It allows customers from all over the world to have their ages verified.

Age Verification Methods Traditionally Used

Age gates are the traditional approach used by internet platforms to verify age. Users are required to enter their date of birth or check boxes indicating their age. Such as “I am 18 years old or older.” These methods are far too absurd to be called practical. These are useless since they rely entirely on the user’s honesty to submit the correct data. As a result. A more rigorous technique for online age verification is required

What exactly is an age verification system? How does it operate?

Age verification solution (AVS) is an Artificial Intelligence-integrated online method that uses multi-factor authentication to check the age of users in real-time and with high accuracy. It consists of the following steps.

  1. The user inputs their age.
  2. AVS requires users to take a photo of a legitimate identity document. Such as an ID card, a driver’s license, or a passport.
  3. AVS uses OCR technology to extract the age of documents.
  4. The data that is retrieved is later cross-matched. Against previously entered data by the same user.
  5. The user’s age is verified after a successful match.

Access will be refused if a user fails to validate their age and identity. Furthermore, certain websites do identity authentication. Age verification of their children is possibly based on their legal guardianship power. Therefore, parents can also track their children online in this method.

How Age Verification Benefits Online Dating Sites

Keeping kids safe from child predators

The ease of access to online dating platforms is dangerous. It attracts a large number of sexual predators. Who view children/teenagers as easy prey. According to US federal law. The minimum age for accessing online dating platforms is 18. Minors, however, can gain access to these platforms due to lax age checks. Minors are prevented from accessing these sites. This calls for the implementation of age verification methods. This protects them from child predators.

Giving users a better experience

Dating platforms are constantly striving to deliver a better experience for their users. By matching them with accurate matches. Who share their interests and are in the same age bracket. So, age differences can have an impact on romance and affection. In order to extend the relationship. Romance scammers frequently disguise their true age. However, the users have a negative experience as a result of this. Users looking for romance establish age limitations for their matches. Scammers can easily fool the system. Therefore, if there is no suitable checking mechanism in place. As a result, an age verification system that employs multi-factor authentication. Hence, it can aid in the enhancement of the dating experience.

Improved KYC compliance with government regulations

The 2017 Digital Economy Act made it mandatory for online dating websites to integrate age verification. In the event of a violation, these online dating services may face substantial penalties. They perhaps face more severe sanctions. Age verification solutions provide better KYC compliance to age-related checks. And, as a result, can put online dating channels at ease.

Wrapping it up

The benefits and applications of age verification extend beyond what most people are aware of. Age verification is challenging. Since most children lack the credentials and documentation required to establish their age online. As a result, only people who can prove their age. They have access to age-restricted websites and explicit content. The popularity of online dating has grown. And inadequate age checks on internet platforms have resulted in a variety of scams and even sexual crimes. It is critical for online dating services to implement more robust technologies. So that they can check age with greater precision. 

Online age verification based on artificial intelligence employs two-factor verification. This approach is to accurately check ages in real-time. The adoption of online age verification solutions can assist prevent online dating frauds. And can be the best go-to option for greater KYC compliance.

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