8 Crucial Things You Must Know Prior Doing Lip Augmentation

8 Crucial Things You Must Know Prior Doing Lip Augmentation


Want a perfect pout like celebrities? Then lip augmentation is the right choice for you! In the last few years it has shown its prevalence in enhancing the lips with recent approvals from FDA. Interestingly, if lip fillers can be done perfectly, it offers a natural appearance.

It has minimal to no downtime because it is non-surgical procedure. If you groove over it now, then certain things must be known before you perform the procedure. On visiting the practitioner you can come to know more about the procedure. But initially read on this blog to know 8 important facts about this latest aesthetic trend!


Selection of right aesthetic practitioner lip augmentation

Certain lip augmentations end up with complete hilarious. Those images make you think twice prior to plan to get lip injection. Most of them turn out as disasters due to the lack of experience of the practitioners. Even if you make up your mind then choose the most renowned and experienced practitioner in the city.

So, the very first step to obtain plump and fuller lips is to visit an advanced, reputed and highly experienced aesthetic practitioner. Only an experienced provider can guide you step-by-step to achieve the looks of your lips as per your expectation.

Consider after and before care of lip filler seriously

At the time of initial consultation, some precautions and instructions will be provided which you must follow as pre- and post-lip augmentation treatment. These are to be mandatorily followed even the process is non-surgical although.  

You have to stop taking multivitamin supplements, Vitamin E and aspirins as they thin blood which can end up with rush of bleeding and severe bruising. A week prior to the treatment consumption of alcohol and caffeinated product must be avoided to obtain best possible outcome from this treatment.   


For lip augmentation Don’t carry a celebrity picture as inspiration

Basically, common people get inspired by the celebrities as they are public figures and true fashionista! It has been found that numerous patients carry the images of the celebrities stating the practitioner to help them to achieve the lips just like them.

It should be understood everyone condition is distinctive and lip filler must be done considering the individual’s skin tone, skin texture, face shape and facial structure. ‘One size never fits all’ and so what looks great on them might not look great on you!

Hence, you can end up the treatment with utmost disappointment. So, you are requested to consult with the practitioner for determining the lips configuration that suits best to your facial structure.

Commence progressively

Whilst it is about dermal fillers, slow and consistent process is the perfect approach to obtain fuller and plump lips in no time. At first, you have the space to observe how the substance is going to work for your lips. Accordingly, the treatment plan can be tailored for achieving the lips of your dream.

Often practitioners are asked by the patients to offer more amount of substance which often ruined the entire result in the end. So, it is always best to start and continue at slow pace.   

Understand the entire procedure of lip augmentation

When you are grooving over the lip filler, an initial consultation with the practitioner is must to understand the entire treatment procedure in detailed manner. Basically there are 2 types of augmentation procedure- temporary lip filler and permanent lip filler. You can come to know about each of the procedures in detail so that decision-making becomes easier for you!

During the consultation you are advised to ask as many questions as there in your mind to understand about the process deeply and precisely. The reliable and highly experienced practitioner will always guide you in the right way explaining all the necessary details about the lip fillers cost, performing ability of the treatment, how long it will last and risks associated to the process.  

Reversing the process option is available

Always an option for reversing the procedure is there available for you. Suppose you are not satisfied with the result you can foster on it! The process is known as hyaluronise in which the hyaluronic acid is dissolved completely with the body using a safe enzyme substance. For unaware of the result, it is always advisable to go with the hyaluronic-acid based filler for lip enhancement.  

Bruising is common

Although lip filler accompanies minimum side effects yet it is usual to experience slight bruising and tenderness post injection. But there is nothing to panic as you will be advised with the ways to alleviate swelling at fast rate by the practitioner.

But you are requested not to try out any treatments or remedies ion your own without the consent of your practitioner as it can be proven to be perilous.  

Visit your dentist firstly

In many cases, lip fillers fail to provide the amazing and expected result because of serious dental problems. Remember, lips are supported by the teeth. So, if you have uneven teeth, then it is obvious that your lips will also appear uneven despite of the amount of filling substance you get injected.

Therefore, it is always better to visit a dentist before you plan for lip augmentation. Your dentist will fix any kind of dental issues you have and then you can obtain the fuller lips of your dreams. Not only will you have a perfect pout but also dazzling smile in the end.  

Lip enhancement is the best way to obtain plump lips without undergoing surgery. Whenever you plan for it search using ‘a clinic of lip augmentation near me in London’ online to obtain the address of the most reliable and popular clinic to perform the procedure.