8 Best Tourist Attractions In Abu Dhabi | Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

8 Best Tourist Attractions In Abu Dhabi | Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

The capital of the United Arab Emirates ‘’Abu Dhabi’’ is known for numerous attractions for tourists. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, millions of visitors have visited Abu Dhabi in 2020. This city has endless charms in it. From architecture to desert safari, Abu Dhabi is a hub of thrilling adventures. If you have not visited this city before, mark it on the top of the list. Pack your bag and enjoy it a lot in Abu Dhabi!

Read this article to find the 8 best attractions in Abu Dhabi. Desert Safari Abu Dhabi offers exclusive Abu Dhabi city tour deals to explore the matchless attractions here.

1# Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the most popular touristattraction in Abu Dhabi. The intricate glass-work, mosaic tiles, artistic calligraphy, and spectacular marble floor design bewitch the eye of the beholder. This mosque celebrates Islamic architecture and a sense of harmony among Muslims.

2# Ferrari World:

Ferrari World is famous for Formula One Racing Car adventure in Abu Dhabi. It is the top adventure for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies during the Abu Dhabi city tour. Riding in the Flying Aces roller coaster up to the speed of 120 kilometres per hour is an amazing experience.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

3# Warner Bros World:

Warner Bros World is a theme park that is dedicated to the cartoon, movie, and comic book heroes & villains. Here you can enjoy amazing rides as well. This is a perfect place for tots and teens. This indoor park is air-conditioned and the best place for families to visit.

4# Yas Island:

It is a top luxury hotel destination. This sandy beach is perfect for taking a sunbath. If you are an adventure-lover, book a Formula One racing car. The shoppers can also enjoy shopping from the city’s premier shopping destination ‘’Yas Mall’’.

5# Desert Safari:

The landscape of Abu Dhabi is famous to enjoy desert safari tours. The desert safari Abu Dhabi deals include thrilling desert sports, amazing dance performances, delicious cuisines, and photography sessions. Some dunes are more than 400 feet high to enjoy exciting desert sports.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

6# Emirates Park Zoo:

It is located 30 minutes away from the central city. You can explore a huge variety of wildlife including rare white tigers, giraffes, elephants, zebras, Siberian bears, and many more. Even children can also touch and feed domestic animals in the petting section.

7# Heritage Village:

It is a replica of an authentic Bedouin village in Abu Dhabi. The pleasant weather of this area attracts numerous tourists to spend quality time with family. It gives you a true indication of the Emirati lifestyle. There are several craftsmen shops to purchase typical Emirati goods.

8# Qasr Al-Hosn:

Qasr Al-Hosn Fort is a major historical building. It was established in 1793. Here you can find traces of history and culture. Its magnificent building, notable northern gate, and charismatic artwork leave a positive impact on the visitors.

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