7 important reasons to choose crystal reports | An overview

7 important reasons to choose crystal reports | An overview

Choose crystal reports – Learn here why you should choose crystal reports, such as the fantastic features and benefits that make it the best solution for you. SAP crystal report is known as a profound Business intelligence tool that mainly uses data analysis and report generation from SAP and non-SAP data sources. Acquired by SAP in 2007, crystal reports may pull data from sources including MySQL, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.

The report designer may create reports, format the data, and prepare a document with exceptional visualizations. If you choose crystal reports, you can efficiently reduce your dependency on IT and report developers.

Such a tool is vital to inform accurate, profitable business decision-making. Hence, getting the best crystal reports hosting is also necessary. You can choose between cloud-based and on-premise channels.

A brief history check-in

Crystal reports was introduced as the business intelligence software in the market around the 1990. And it penetrated the business technology initiatives market.

However, only after SAP got hold of the crystal reports in 2007. A progressive architecture was implemented in the software with the main focus of accommodating medium to small-sized clients. Hence, they encouraged the other businesses to get the tool by redefining aggregating the data and improvising the user interface.

These innovations continue to magnetize the system and attract different sizes of businesses. Some other significant reasons that compel the business to choose crystal reports are.


Owing to its growing experience and revenue generation of SAP via the umbrella of SAP services, SAP can bring about innovation at any point in the development cycle. SAP weeds out the infrastructural failures quite easily by performing extensive quality assurance for each new update release. Fortunately, it couldn’t be better for a user who owns a Windows hosting with crystal report.

Typically, a change in ownership does not result in much productivity as it creates an immediate tumultuous environment, especially for the coding teams. However, the crystal reports hosting won’t disappoint you because it has taken a course of change for the good.

These events have given rise to the team in which there are people from different generations expert in the same technology. Such a phenomenon has helped the team generate the native codes. Which may be translated into every solution that any business needs.

Owing to such an amalgamation of expertise offers us the perfect package of ingredients that could never be powerful on their own. Hence, if you choose crystal reports, you will consistently produce viable and reliable results.

It is affordable

To enjoy the blessings that come with your Windows hosting with crystal report, you won’t have to spend a fortune. Instead, you can get it at a fixed price. You can easily dodge the hefty investments with this business intelligence software which would be quite a burden for businesses in the early stages of their growth. With this, Navicosoft provides you with the best window hosting option with crystal report.


The most impressive features you can enjoy with the crystal report are adaptability. The users can customize the reports and design documents according to their other pre-existing business models. Some of the characteristics you may enjoy with the SAP crystal report toolbox are follows.

Presetting the report formulas for robust visualization and quick calculations

  • You can have an extensive library of the report layouts, formats for letters, operations, invoices, and marketing collaterals.
  • Crystal reports is compatible with Hadoop, IBM DB2, Salesforce, MS Excel SQL, SAP HANA etc.
  • It supports 24 languages, making it a perfectly suitable option for users around the globe. Furthermore, it brings an excellent opportunity for interoperability.

    Competitive advantage

You are already ahead of your competitors when you choose crystal reports because SAP crystal reports compete with various other products such as ActiveReports, XtraReports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and list & label.


It is compatible not only with Microsoft Windows 7, but you can generate interactive reports via your mobile devices. Furthermore, you can even operate the reports created with the previous versions of the software. For example, you can open a crystal report 9 and higher with the newer versions, the latest version; SAP Crystal Reports 2020. In addition, the changes and new reports created the SAP crystal reports 2016 will be saved in the form of 14.3.rpt file.

Easy to use

Undoubtedly, businesses have dedicated teams for data analysis and reporting. However, learning the tool isn’t that difficult if you get crystal reports hosting for your business. You would need to spend only a few hours dedicated to learning with the video tutorials, 135 minutes of videos, and 5 minutes of the reading material.

Data visualization

With the crystal reports, you get the Visual Studio for free, and you can easily download the latest version and use it for generating reports. Side by side, crystal reports software has been known among the best tools used for data analysis and reports generating.

Furthermore, we endorse  crystal reports hosting   from Navicosoft because it lets you visualize the data in unique methods such as the dots on a map. Lastly, the software is efficient enough to blend the data automatically and calculate the conversion rates.

Lastly, when you choose crystal reports, you can quickly generate advanced and personalized reports in the format of your previously used business reports and the language you prefer. Moreover, it allows you to connect various data sources to generate interactive reports even with your mobile phones.

If you are looking for any Crystal Report hosting company that can help you through the process, there are a considerable number of options that you can choose from. Navicosoft is emerging to be one of the top web hosting companies. By being in the market for over a decade, NavicoSoft can ensure that you have an extremely smooth process! Also, you can avail all additional features of the best web hosting services in Melbourne. In addition to this, Navicosoft also provides you with a secure Crystal Report Hosting since it comprises all the security aspects, including Anti DDOs, SSL certificates, and a firewall.