The Ultimate Guide to Pack Glasses and Dishes for a Move

The Ultimate Guide to Pack Glasses and Dishes for a Move

The Ultimate Guide to Pack Glasses and Dishes for a Move

Are you moving to a new home? It is great news indeed. Congratulations on your new home. Excuse me to repeat that moving is never easy. It is a challenging process that can make affect your life seriously. There are many tasks in the shifting process that can give you a nightmare.

One of the most challenging and arduous tasks is packing and preparing household stuff for the move. If you have no prior experience of house moving, you may many hardships. On the contrary, you will have a safe and easy-going relocation experience by having the best plan to pack your goods.

You can pack certain belongings by yourself for your move. However, you may not find yourself suitable for packing a few items. Glasses and dishes are breakable items. It requires extra care and expertise to pack and move fragile items like dishware and stemware. You may it more challenging than dismantling furniture and preparing them for your move.

But the correcting packing is crucial for the safe transfer of breakable items like glassware and dishes. Hiring professional movers and packers will ensure the correct packing of almost everything that you want to move. You may not afford the cost of a professional packing service. In this case, you may find yourself in a difficult situation.

No worries! There are some great packing hacks that might cater to your purpose. Follow these wonderful packing hacks to ensure the correct packing of the dishware and stemware.

Safety Measures

Don’t get irritated, accept the truth—packing glasses and dishes is not a fun chore at all. You need to take the utmost care while handling the process. To avoid any mishap, take the appropriate safety measures and be extra careful. Keep kids and pets away during both the packing and the unpacking process.

Before you kick off the process, arrange the following tools and supplies:

  • Scissors and Knife
  • Heavy-duty Packing Tape
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Paper (Blank Newsprint Paper)
  • Cardboard Moving Boxes
  • Permanent Markers
  • Labeling Stickers

Important Things to Note: Undoubtedly, bubble wrap is a good type of protective supply. But it is expensive. Furthermore, there are some issues with its use. It takes up lots of space. In addition, it is harder to wrap around the items. So, make limited use of bubble wrap for specialty items only.

One good way to protect glasses and dishes is using packing paper to wrap. It is easy to use and wrap around the objects. Crumpled paper creates a similar protection level, like bubble wrap. So, make the most use of packing paper instead of bubble wrap.

Next, choose cardboard boxes over plastic bins. Use special boxes for dishes and glasses. You may avoid special boxes by being extra careful.

Packing Guide for Dishes and Glasses

1. Tape the Box Tightly

First, secure the box using heavy-duty packaging tape. One strip of tape on the flaps of the box is not enough. This will not give the best safety of objects inside the box. Tape at least 3 times across the seam of the box. Thereafter, tape perpendicular to the flaps to strengthen the bottom.

2. Pad the Box in the Right Way

Don’t place the dishes or glasses in the bottom without providing a little extra cushion to the bottom. Use a few layers of packing paper. You can also add some crumpled papers at the bottom. The crumpled paper will absorb the jolts and protect objects while moving the box.

3. Start with the Plates and Larger Dishes

As a rule of thumb, experts advise placing heavier items first and lighter ones later while packing a box. I also second this idea. Use this idea when packing dishes and glassware. Dishes (dinner plates) are heavier. I think you get the point.

Start with the dishes, especially larger ones. Wrap each plate individually; this will prevent them from any collision against one another. Don’t take the risk of wrapping multiple plates together.

Wrap 3 to 4 individually wrapped plates as a group. Tape them securely. Repeat the process for the rest of the plates and dishes.

Put the wrapped plates and dishes into the box vertically, not in a way you put a plate on the dining table. If your box has space, then use it to place wrapped bowls. If there is no room to contain all your bowls, then fill the gaps using padding supplies.

Use the wadded old newspapers to stuff the gaps. Don’t worry about the ink of newspaper will give an ugly mark on your objects. Your dishes are already wrapped in multiple layers. You can also use soft toys. Tape the box shut and label it. Use labels: Fragile Dishes & Plates, Handle with Care, and This Side Up.

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4. Pack Bowls Then

Wrap each bowl in packing paper. Nest one bowl inside one another. Place them inside the prepared box. Make sure the box does not have space. Fill the excess spaces with wadded papers or soft toys. Tape the box and tag the boxes with labels—Fragile Bowls, Handle with Care, and This Side Up.

5. Glasses are Last to Pack

Glasses are the lightest and most fragile objects to pack. So, you must pack them securely. Use bubble wrap rather than using packing paper. Wrap each glass individually. Use a glass divider into the box, to put each glass inside. Don’t stack or nest glass to avoid damage. Needless to say, tape the box and label it with the right tags. Use labels—Fragile Glasses, Handle with Care, and This Side Up.

Final Words

If you are still not sure to pack your glasses and dishes on your own, call the professionals. Packers and movers Pune to Bangalore will do the tasks well. If you liked the tips on how to pack glasses and dishes for a move, then please share the article. It would be a great treat for me. Also, you will help those persons who are looking for some smart packing hacks.