The Most Least-heard Jack Cables You Wished You Knew About Earlier

The Most Least-heard Jack Cables You Wished You Knew About Earlier

We are sure that you are all familiar with The Stereo Mini Jack Connector as it is used for connecting MP3 players to car stereos and even audio connections on computers. 

We are sure that anyone with a background in playing instruments also knows the functions and application of the 1/4-inch Balanced Jack or Stereo Jack Connector because of working with keyboards, pianos, recording equipment, mixing desks, guitar amps, and hi-fi equipment. 

And who would even need the introduction to The 1/4-inch or Quarter-Inch Jack Connector? It is one of the commonly used connectors that everyone had used before wireless earpod came to be. 

But did you know about the RCA connector or XLR connector? No, right? That is why in this article, we will shed light on the least known Jack cables that will make your life easier. 

Three Jack Cables You Should Have Known Earlier:

  • RCA cable:

The RCA plug is not very well known among musicians. However, frequent users of hi-fi and home audio equipment may know what the RCA cable is. Let’s start with the acronym. The acronym for the term stands for Radio Corporation of America. But why this name? 

It is because it was this organization that took responsibility for developing the connection. In the 1940s, they wanted to create a replacement for the 4″ TRS Jack connections on Phonographs. Moreover, they wanted to connect to amplifiers which have landed them with the name of Phono connection. 

The RCA connection is normally unbalanced and has a mono-connection that one may find in the DJ mixers, Hi-Fi equipment, as well as audio interfaces, and frequently on “tape out” and “tape in” connections on the mixing desk. Although not frequently, mostly, this connection bears a red as well as a white channel connection. The plug is also known as the following, 

  1. RCA plugs
  2. Phono plug
  3. Cinch plug
  4. Aux cable
  • The XLR Connector

The XLR connection is another form of balanced connection that many use for amplifying the pro-audio. The design for the barrel of this connector is approximately 2xm in diameter. Moreover, it has 3 and 7 male pins or female holes. 

Nonetheless, the most commonly used format in the audio application of this connector is 3 pin XLR. Cannon Electronics first produced it. Furthermore, it was released as the Cannon X range. 

The second edition of the connector came to be called the Cannon XL, meanwhile the third, the Cannon XLR. Hence, the name XLR connector came to be. It is used in music equipment as it is balanced as well as stable and secure. 

Generally, the female XLR plugs receive output signals from connected devices, such as a microphone. While the male XLR plug is used to plug into inputs, such as pre-amp on a mixing desk, active studio monitors, etc. It is also known as the following terms,

  1. Cannon leads
  2. Mic leads
  • The Speakon Connector

The most recent audio connection, that is why not many know about it. Nonetheless, the Speakon connector is developed by supremo’s Neutrik. Moreover, it is available in 2-, 4- and 8- pole iterations. Also, it goes through the 2- and 4- poles. 

There are some common audio applications of this connector. It can easily take the high-current signals. Moreover, the female plugs easily connect male panel sockets. It is because of this reason why the mechanism allows the sound application. 

Ending note:

With the Speakon connector, we have covered the least three jack cable connectors that not many know unless they are in the music industry. So now that you can tell apart from RCA connector to XLR connector rest assured, you can find the accurate cable for your device.