These Are Some Great Benefits Of Online Doctor Consultation

These Are Some Great Benefits Of Online Doctor Consultation

Online Doctor Consultation

With the Covid 19 pandemic, many sectors have had to go online to survive, and health care is no different. Healthcare took a backseat in 2020 when most people were too scared to go to hospitals for illnesses in fear of getting Covid. It is why most doctors moved their practices online to keep both themselves and their patients safe, allowing you to Online Doctor Consultation.

The online consultation business has been around before Covid but saw an exponential increase in users during it, with more than 97% of the user saying that they would use the service again. Moreover, many employers have started to move to virtual consultations as opposed to in-person consultations.

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Benefits Of An Online Doctor Consultation With Your Doctor


2020 saw an exponential decrease in the number of people who went to the doctor for mild ailments because of fear of exposure to Covid. It is where an online doctor consultation comes into play. With the help of this technology, both you and your doctor are protected and take care of your health appropriately.


With this service, you no longer need to travel to clinics or hospitals and wait in long lines just to be seen by a physician. Cutting out the monthly visit to the doctor can free up your time for so many more productive ventures. Simply make an online doctor appointment have zero wait times. You can schedule the appointment for when free rather than take the first free appointment the doctor has.

Some of these apps have also taken it a step further to provide you with maximum convenience; they have started 24/7 consultations allowing you to consult a doctor even in the middle of the night.


Since most of us check our symptoms online and often misdiagnose them before going to the doctor, Bajaj Finserv Health App has come up with a way to diagnose us accurately.

Reading a blog or watching a youtube video will not allow you to diagnose yourself accurately. Why browse Web MD in the middle of the night when you can consult a doctor for a small fee?


Online appointments cost approximately 1/3rd of the cost of going in-person to a doctor. It can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you have children prone to falling sick with weather changes. It is even more cost-effective if you do not have health insurance because paying medical bills out of pocket can get very expensive.


Sometimes the doctors that are experts in your condition may not live next to you. Online consultations give you access to the top doctors without you having to go to them. It gives you access to doctors specializing in certain diseases and provides someone living in the rural area access to quality healthcare.

Online doctor consultations are incremental in making healthcare equitable for all.


Going regularly to the doctor to get your prescription filled can be tedious and time-consuming. With an online consultation, your doctor can write you a new prescription or simply mail one to the pharmacy next to you, making your life so much easier.

However, not all pills can be reissued online, and some do warrant an in-person visit for a thorough physical examination.

Learn about your health

When doing an online consultation, more often than not, you will have to complete your self-examination. This procedure creates mindfulness about your body, and since it is your body, you will be able to gauge any changes better than most physicians.

Examples of this may be weight changes, growth of any moles and bumps in the body and things like this. Doing an online consultation makes you pay more attention to your body and what it is telling you.


Even before covid, there was a risk of picking up an infection in a doctor’s waiting room. With people coughing and sneezing and spreading their germs in the air, visiting a doctor was a huge liability. However, with the advent of online consultations, you can now consult an expert from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Doctors Consult

Even doctors sometimes require a second opinion of their diagnoses; this is where online consultations come in. With online consultations, doctors have access to a global scale of knowledge which only benefits the patient in the end.


The Bajaj Finserv Health App fills the much-needed demand for an integrated platform through which you can consult doctors online. The app interface is exceptionally intuitive, and you can quickly make an appointment to see a healthcare professional.

You can store your medical records here and set reminders to get notifications regarding when to take the medicines and their dosages. Besides booking virtual consultations, the app allows you to cover your medical expenses, get health insurance, and even access authentic information regarding diseases and health.