Simple Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Simple Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Electricity bill

Electricity is the most common utility in our daily lives. Can you imagine going a single day without electricity? It is an inseparable part of our lives especially in the post pandemic world when most of us are working remotely, we know how substantial it is to have an uninterrupted electricity connection.

We are surrounded by several objects that work only on electricity. The AC, Fan, Television, Refrigerator, Microwave, Mixer, Grinder, Washing Machine, etc every machine that makes your life runs on electricity. Due to this major dependency on power, electricity bill forms a major part of our monthly utility bill payments.

As the electricity consumption is continuous and we often fail to regulate the usage, it can result in exorbitantly high electricity bills which can put pressure on your monthly expenses. A sudden growth in any bill can throw your budget out of balance. Hence it is imperative that you keep a check on the usage of electricity and in turn control the monthly bills.

In what ways can you reduce your electricity bill payment?

There are two benefits of trying to reduce your electricity bills. One, that it in turn saves your money, and two, It beneficial for our environment too because electricity generation is an expensive task that requires tremendous resources. Reduced electricity consumption can also help cut down the pressure on our natural resources.

Below are some ways in which you can try to reduce your online electricity bill payment–

1) Non-conventional energy sources –

Our major energy requirement is dependent on conventional sources of energy like coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear energy etc. As these sources of energy are limited and can soon be completely depleted, it is imperative for mankind to switch to non-conventional energy sources such as solar energy, tidal energy, hydroelectricity etc. As these sources are available in abundance and are endless in nature, they are more reliable and futuristic.

2) Harnessing Solar energy –

The sun is the most powerful source of endless energy. The only daunting task is to have infrastructure in place that can harness the energy of the sun i.e solar panels. India is a tropical country which has almost 6 months of abundant sunlight in a year. If this energy is harnessed and stored to be used in future, it will definitely help reduce our dependency on electricity which is produced generally using conventional sources. Thus using solar energy help you cut down electricity bills drastically.

3) Efficient Lighting –

Using energy efficient light bulbs and tubes is one of the many ways to help reduce your electricity bill. Using LED lights that consume low electricity units and are more energy efficient can help you reduce your electricity bills drastically. Also below tips could be useful –

  • Switching off the lights when not required
  • Cleaning the light bulbs and tubes regularly as the settled dust makes the bulbs/tube reflect less light.
  • You can try motion sensors, dimmers etc.
  • Use reading lights or table lamps wherever possible so that you get to use only the amount of electricity that is actually needed and not light up the entire room.

4) AC’s –

  • In order to reduce electricity bills it is advisable to use your AC at 25 degree Celsius.
  • You can use wall fans or coolers as cheap replacements to the AC.
  • Greenery around your house can make it naturally cool and improve ventilation.
  • Try to keep the doors closed of the room which is air conditioned.

5) Television/PC’s –

  • Needless to say, you must turn off TVs and PCs whenever not in use.
  • Put them on sleep mode to curtail energy costs.

6) Refrigerator –

  • Refrain from opening the door of the fridge frequently
  • You must not put hot or warm food directly inside the fridge. Let it cool before placing it inside.
  • Ensure proper ventilation around the fridge i.e some space between the fridge and the wall behind.