Myths About Acne and Why They Aren’t True

Myths About Acne and Why They Aren’t True

apply toothpaste on acne

It is said that almost 80 percent of people experience some kind of breakout once in their life. Just like other diseases, acne is also a topic that has a lot of information available on the internet about it. But just like it happens with other diseases, there is a lot of information about acne. That is spreading across different pages on the internet. 

According to the best doctors in Pakistan, People come and visit them and ask about the treatment of acne which is fine but a lot of people come up with information that has been falsely dispersed and people believe it to be true. There is no backing or proof for the words that they say and this shows how much misinformation is spread among people. It comes to acne just like many of the other diseases. 

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There are a number of misconceptions being spread. Now you must be asking yourself how these misconceptions can be proved wrong or if these are true there is no backing provided. If you want to know what is truth and what isn’t keep on reading the article. 

Myth 1: The more you wash your face, the lesser the acne

It is a very fine practice to wash your face daily to keep it clean and away from dust. You should be using a good cleanser in order to make sure that the face is cleaned properly. It is enough to wash your face twice a day but if this happens more than once. It will only result in making the face drier than it is usually. 

So this is a completely wrong concept to think that washing your face more will make you have lesser acne or will treat it. It is although a very good practice to keep your face clean in order to stay away from all the toxicity and the bacteria present in the environment. 

Myth 2: Toothpaste does wonder

This is a very old concept that the mothers and grandmothers used to tell their daughters and nieces. There is no scientific reasoning to explain if the use of toothpaste can vanish acne. It should be kept in mind that applying toothpaste can leave permanent marks on your skin. That can lead to hyperpigmentation on the skin.

There are fluorides present in the toothpaste that are not suitable to apply on the skin. However, if you want to clear the spots on your skin you must be oping for salicylic acid and that will make your skin flawless. 

Myth 3: Only teenagers suffer from acne

This is a very wrong misconception that only teenagers get to suffer from acne issues. People who relate to any age group can suffer from acne and any ethnicity and race have no preference or chances of getting lesser or more acne. In adults, it is seen that men and women both suffer from acne and it gets worse than teenage acne. 

It should be kept in mind that this is a personal issue that a person needs to deal with. It has nothing to do with the age of the person pr the race and other factors as well. 

Myth 4: Popping pimples makes them heal fast

Well, let me tell you that the worse that you can do to our face is to pop that pimple that is bothering you. This can never help you to heal your acne fast. However, it leaves dark spots on the skin that are very difficult to get removed. This, if done frequently can result in consequences where you get to feel inflammatory responses from the skin. 

If you keep touching your face there are chances that you are adding extra bacteria pon the skin. That causes more damage along with the pimples and the acne bothering you. The scars caused by the popping of pimples are very difficult to be eradicated. That’s why the best practice is to visit the doctor and use the prescribed medication for best results. 

Myth 5: Acne is caused by only dirt

A lot of times it is thought that acne is caused by dirt. However, this myth has caused people to wash their faces more frequently. This rigorous washing and excess scrubbing can cause a lot of irritation and can cause a lot of acne on the face. 

In some instances, it has been seen that the oil is produced by the skin. When blocks the pores, if it is mixed with dirt can cause a lot of acne. A lot of times when the sebum gets mixed with the leftover makeup on the face can cause irritation which eventually leads to break out and flare-ups. 

Myth 6: Acne does not need to be treated

Acne is a condition that if gets worse can be very difficult to treat. Attempts like tropical treatments can be very dangerous for the skin. It is really wrong to think and wait for the acne to go away from the skin permanently. Even when there is benzoyl peroxide used for the treatment without a prescription, it can result in causing scarring. 

It is very important to know the cause of the acne as soon as possible to start the treatment. Delayed treatment however can treat acne but there are chances that it might cause permanent scarring and marks. It all depends on the severity of the acne. 

There are certain medicines in the market available that can be used to treat acne permanently. But if you stop taking care of the skin after getting off from the medicine, then there are high chances that the acne might come back. 


Acne has been a very serious issue since the beginning of time and with the surge in technological advancements, there has been a lot of misconception spread on the internet. Even when there is benzoyl peroxide used for the treatment without a prescription, it can result in causing scarring. To clear all the misinformation out you need to read the above-mentioned myths to know what is truth and what is made up.