Make Your Next Las Vegas Holiday Trip Truly Unforgettable

Make Your Next Las Vegas Holiday Trip Truly Unforgettable

Las Vegas
Las Vegas

Worldwide famous as the “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” Las Vegas is visited by plenty of tourists annually. Due to its fabulous entertainment shows, shopping, attractions, fine dining, gambling, and vivid nightlife.

Las Vegas city was settled in the early 20th century and has grown rapidly since the 1960s. It’s been one of the top tourist places to visit in the United States of America for hospitality and business conventions.

While holidaying in this exciting city, you’ll get to explore some of its famous attractions.

Museum of Selfies

Bring your friends or family and visit the Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas to have fun and take unusual selfies! It is the top must-see attraction with interactive installations where you become the main hero!

Explore the origin of the selfie through history, art, and technology. Dive into the golden bath, relax in the emoji pool, experience the world from the Upside Down Room, and much more! Walk through different optical illusion rooms with fun and immersive installations. And snap as many mind-blowing selfies to share on Instagram.

Stratosphere Tower

Also located within the city limits is the Stratosphere Tower. The USA’s tallest freestanding observation tower, and a prominent structure on the skyline of Las Vegas. It is a part of the Stratosphere Las Vegas hotel and casino and was conceive originally as a neon sign tower by the casino owner and entrepreneur Bob Stupak.

At the top of this tower are two observation decks, the “Top of the World” revolving restaurant, and four thrilling rides. The indoor observation deck of the Stratosphere Tower is located on the 108th floor. and its outdoor terrace is on the 109th floor. These observation decks allow you to savor awe-inspiring views of the Las Vegas Valley.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

You can have an exciting indoor skydiving experience at Vegas Indoor Skydiving without jumping off an airplane with a parachute. As soon as the propeller turns on, you’ll be floating in the air with the artificially-created wind similar to the winds that one experiences during actual skydiving.

Qualified instructors will guide you to the vertical wind tunnel and help you put on special gear for this activity. You can also opt for the ‘Learn to Fly’ session, which includes training in skydiving provided by the instructor and 2 minutes of tunnel time.

Mob Museum

Among the places, you will not want to miss during your Las Vegas holidays is the Mob Museum, called the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. It stands out from all the regular museums as it takes you through the history of organized crimes. In America with the help of some truly engaging and interactive exhibits and video clips. The museum is found in a Neoclassical building that dates back to 1933. And was used earlier as the US Post Office and Courthouse. The exhibits in this museum deal with individual characters and the overall culture and fashion that prevailed during those times.

Las Vegas Motor Speedway

If you wish to enjoy watching a car racing event. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway would be a perfect place for you. It is located in Clark County and can be reach within a short time from the Las Vegas Strip. This 1,200-acre complex hosts many NASCAR races and other racing events. Several restaurants are located within the complex, and camping is also available if you wish to stay overnight. The entire complex is owned by Speedway Motorsports, Inc., headquart in the city of Charlotte in North Carolina.