Kitchen and Garden Design Tips to Increase Your Home’s Appeal

Kitchen and Garden Design Tips to Increase Your Home’s Appeal

Kitchen and Garden Design Tips to Increase Your Home's Appeal
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When you put your home up for sale, it is important to make changes that will give maximum appeal to the maximum number of potential buyers. There are many things that can be done in order to increase the appeal of your kitchen. You should always take time before putting your home on the market, to investigate what kinds of renovations need to be made and which would have the most impact. Some upgrades and plants are relatively inexpensive like custom wine boxes. While others may require a bigger budget or more involved work, but all of them will help make your rooms look more attractive.

Here are kitchen and garden design tips on how you can better increase your home’s appeal by improving these important spaces first:

Surfaces –

The surfaces in both the kitchen and the garden should be free of things that can’t be easily reached to be cleaned, which means countertops need to be cleared off. The cabinets must be sleek, without any clutter or messes. Many people believe that there should be an open concept in the kitchen, meaning no walls or partitions. This idea works especially well if your house is already spacious and open to begin with.

2.         Lighting –

Most homes’ kitchens are naturally dark because they don’t have adequate lighting for work surfaces or storage areas, which can make it difficult for potential buyers to picture themselves actually cooking there. It’s important that every part of your space has proper lighting attached to, either overhead or on the adjacent countertops.

3.         Flooring –

For kitchens especially, floors must be clean and presentable at all times; this means nobody should be tempted to track dirt into them after coming in from outside with their shoes on. If you don’t have the time or the means to thoroughly clean your floors every day, then invest in some rugs that can be put down when company comes over.

4.         Appliances –

The appliances within the kitchen must all be functional like kitchen hutch but they should also match each other and work well together aesthetically. You may want to consider getting rid of older appliances regardless if they are still functioning properly or not, because no matter how well they work it will show you weren’t willing to spend any extra money on upgrades for this room before putting it up for sale.

5.         Color Palette –

The paint color throughout both rooms reflect whatever season is currently popular. For example, during the fall and winter months warm, rich hues are more desirable, while during the summer bright whites and grays are preferred. This means if you are planning on putting your home on the market during the winter, then be sure to paint all of your walls a rich brown or red hue.

6.         Lighting –

Similar to how lighting is important within the kitchen and garden room itself, it’s equally important that lighting fixtures and lamps outside match and coordinate tastefully with whatever color palette was originally used for your home’s exterior.

7.    Wallpaper –

If there is wallpaper in any of your rooms, make sure to remove it before having an open house because it will detract from the overall look and feel of the space (i.e., cheapen it). Also, make sure that when you’re taking off old wallpaper that you either use a steamer or some other chemical cleaner to help get it all off, instead of just using a paint scraper.

8.    Color Palette –

Using lighter colors is generally more appealing than darker ones when it comes to updating an old home for potential buyers. Rather than painting the walls in your house black or brown, try to use more neutral tones that can be updated with accents or furniture without clashing too much with whatever change you make (i.e., eggshells, warm grays, etc.).

9.    Cleaning –

Just like kitchen and garden surfaces need ample lighting in order for them to look clean and presentable at all times; so does the actual space itself! If your backyard hasn’t been mowed in a while, it’s going to look unkempt and untamed from the street. To remedy this, try to always have a nice path that leads into your main entrance from the road. So potential buyers can easily see what they’re walking into before they round the corner.

10.    Outlets –

The last thing people want when touring a home is being tripped over an outlet cord. Or wires because there are no covers on them. You may even consider removing outlets altogether. If they aren’t currently in use as a safety measure for those touring your property.

11.    Lawn –

If you’re hoping to sell your house within the next few months. Then make sure that your lawn is freshly mowed and thoroughly edged around all fences and other outdoor structures. If you’re trying to sell your home in the winter months, then you can afford to take a little more time. With these tasks because buyers won’t be able to see the lawn as much anyway.

12.    Edging –

In addition to cutting the grass and trimming bushes, make sure that your sidewalk and driveway are all edged as well so they look clean, sharp, and presentable from every angle of approach.

13.    Outside Appeal –

The outside appearance of your home is what prospective buyers will see first, which means it must always look appealing regardless of the season or time of day (i.e., lit up at night). You should also consider adding some nice lighting fixtures if there isn’t much already, because lights not only improve visibility but they’re also aesthetically pleasing to buyers as well.

14.    Doors –

Make sure that every door in your house has a fresh coat of paint on it before hosting any open house tours; this includes closets and other storage rooms that may be off limits while you’re showing the property. It’s always good practice to keep these areas looking neat and organized anyway. So if nothing else, go through them quickly before putting your home on the market just so there aren’t any old clothes. Or boxes taking up space within them during an open house!

15.    Carpeting –

If you have older carpeting throughout your home, then chances are it is looking very stained and worn by now. As a result, it would be best to replace old carpeting with new laminate flooring. So your home looks as clean and modern as possible from top to bottom.

Please share this information with anyone who may benefit from these kitchen and garden design tips. For increasing the appeal of your home!