How Can Donor Egg Affects IVF Success Rate

How Can Donor Egg Affects IVF Success Rate

Donor Egg IVF

Donor Egg IVF is a treatment for women whose eggs are not usable for fertilization. Then, eggs from another woman are taken as a donation for the fertilization procedure. Moreover, the DNA of an egg will be the same as the donor woman: The Process starts with transferring the retrieved embryos into the mother’s uterus using the IVF technique. IVF doctors will observe the whole egg development phase. In the hope that embryos will get implants inside the uterus lining. If embryos get implanted inside the female reproductive system, then a woman will carry a pregnancy, which will result in pregnancy and after that childbirth. For getting all amenities with a high IVF success rate with donor eggs under one roof, females may visit the Mishka IVF center – the finest leading IVF center in Jaipur. This center is also called the best test tube baby center in Jaipur.

Success Rate with Donor Egg IVF

However, most donors are young. And, their eggs are perfect for the donor egg IVF process and donation. Moreover, the ivf success rate with donor egg is relatively high in women under 35. It’s around (42% – 44%) success rate per cycle. And women who are over the age of 35 and below 37 have a (31% – 39%) chance of success rate per cycle. Women over the age of 38 and below 40 have (21 – 29%) success rates per cycle. Lastly, women above the age of 40 have (12% – 18%) of chance per cycle with donor egg IVF.

When Someone Requires Donor Egg IVF?

When any woman cannot conceive naturally, after trying for a long time without using any birth prevention method, her eggs are not in a condition to fertilize. Research done by doctors states that donor egg IVF has increased by sixty percent between 2000 to 2010.

How Can Someone Find an Donor Egg IVF?

The easiest and the most reliable way to find the donor is to contact fertility hospitals or egg donation agencies. They have various egg donation options to choose from. Also, Fertility hospitals & egg donation agencies keep your identity anonymous for protecting any trouble for both of you. So by choosing from these two options, your private details would be more private and confidential.

Moreover, some fertility clinics will authorize you to view the pictures of your potential donor before choosing an egg from the donor. Secondly, you also can get an egg from your relatives or any trustworthy friend if they are good with it. Take care that the ideal donor should be under the age of 35 & not diagnosed with any infertility issues in previous years. Lastly, If you choose a donor by yourself, the doctor must check the donor for any infection, blood disease, or genetic disorder before further treatment. If all goes well, then that donor can donate you their eggs.

What is the Procedure of Getting Donor Egg IVF?

Firstly, If the procedure starts with fresh eggs, your doctor will give medicines and hormone shots to you and your donor to synchronize with the menstrual cycle. Consequently, doctors will take out the eggs from the donor’s reproductive system & fertilize them with your partner’s sperm in a dedicated lab. Then, implant it into your uterus lining.

However, If you choose eggs from the egg donation bank, you will get eggs according to your schedule. Moreover, there is no need for eggs synchronization with the menstrual cycle.

In Addition, research by doctors conveys that using fresh donor eggs increases the chance of pregnancy than the use of frozen donor eggs. Also, Doctors found that the live birth rate of fresh donor eggs is around 56%, and the live birth rate of frozen donor eggs is around 39%.

The most beneficial point of using fresh eggs/embryos for the donor egg ivf treatment is you can keep safe and secure eggs/embryos in case you want to have more than one child in the future; All those embryos. Eggs will be kept safe and frozen for using it later.

Important Legalities for Egg Donation

When going for egg donor IVF, you have to complete some of the legalities before having a child with egg donor IVF treatment. It involves a lawyer managing all the paperwork and legalities regarding the egg donation procedure. The best security option is to get a formal written agreement stating that the donor is waiving all the parental rights from the upcoming child with a donated egg from the day of egg donation.

What is the Cost of a Donor Egg IVF ?

On average, Fresh donor eggs are 2x costlier than frozen donor eggs. In India, fresh donor eggs cost you between Rs 8000 to Rs 12000. Moreover, there are some extra costs, such as treatment fees and medication costs. Suppose you search any specific city for treatment like Jaipur. In that case, Costs are the same as the average cost of donor egg IVF within India.

Let’s take a look at the average cost of donor egg IVF within India to make an estimate.

IVF cycles with donor eggs are a bit costly. The price for donor eggs can vary between Rs 50,000 to Rs 75,000, depending upon the quality of the donor egg. This cost will be added with regular IVF treatment costs for final pricing. So, the total pricing for egg donor IVF is:-

Rs 50,000 + Rs. 2, 00,000 = Rs 2,50,000 lakhs (approx)

(price of donor eggs) + (price of IVF cycle)

Note: Patients would pay a specific portion of the IVF treatment cost, usually around 30,000, to the donor women. A certain percentage goes to the agency or hospital that arranges the donor for you. Paying brokerage is not legal, but that is how it works.

However, If someone requires more than one IVF treatment cycle, the cost would multiply accordingly.

Cost for Egg Donor

In many cases, doctors advise the embryos donor when one or both the partners have severe genetic health conditions inherited by their child. In those cases, doctors use embryos from donors without any severe medical history. The cost of donor embryos IVF may vary between Rs 35,000 up to Rs 60,000.

Donor Egg IVF Conclusion

Lastly, with Egg donor IVF’s help, Many couples conceive and have a healthy child. The overall procedure of counseling & screening with a fertility specialist is very easy and would help you make the best possible decision for yourself. So, don’t wait for the right moment to get in touch with fertility specialists and clear all your concerns.