How To Start Your Business With Personal Loan in India?

How To Start Your Business With Personal Loan in India?


Big or small, a strong financial background is a must to keep cash flow smooth and continuous in a business. A personal loan in India is the easiest and hassle-free way to start your business. You can get an instant personal loan if you fulfil the eligibility criteria and have all the documents required to apply for a personal loan in India.

This article will see how to get an instant personal loan approval and details about documents needed.

  1. Review the financial cost: The first step to getting a personal loan is to evaluate the amount of money needed to get the business running. Business starting costs or capital costs need to be worked out along with the running or operational costs. After knowing the amount of funding required, we can explore different loan options available.


  2. Eligibility criteria: The applicant needs to ensure that he fulfils the eligibility criteria set up by various banks and NBFCs. Different banks have different eligibility criteria, but the central theme is to check the applicant’s credibility and the business. For a personal loan in India, official documents are used to verify the eligibility of the applicant.


  3. Personal Documents needed: There are various documents that banks need in order to verify eligibility. Banks need to verify the applicant’s validity when giving the loans; no one wants to be the one scammed. Various personal documents to get a loan instant online are:


    1. PAN Card
    2. Identity proof
    3. Address proof
    4. Ownership proof of the business
    5. Business continuity proof
    6. Declaration letter on stamped paper about the end use of the finance 
    7. Passport size photographs of the applicant/s.


  4. Financial documents: Financial documents are needed to ensure the loan would be returned. People who are not able to pay off the debts are a huge problem for this sector. Proper verification is needed to lower the chances of an unpaid debt.


    1. An audited ITR and financials for the last two years are needed to verify the business’s cash flow.
    2. Secondly, bank statements to verify this cash flow are also needed.

These personal loan details are necessary to maintain the economic balance. After having all the relevant documents, one can apply for a personal loan instant online. These loans also come in handy when thinking about business expansion. The key points in choosing the bank for a personal loan in India are:

  1. Eligibility criteria
  2. The loan amount and interest rate
  3. Repayment options
  4. Collateral required for the loan

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Both setting up a business or business expansion take substantial financial cost. Small personal loans tailored to those exact needs are now available everywhere.