How To Get Translucent Skin care In Just 10 Simple Steps

How To Get Translucent Skin care In Just 10 Simple Steps

People are still seeking ways to get spotless and flawless skin. But, having such skin requires lots of effort. Korean pop culture has become popular among all. People are talking about k-beauty products, and they are still thriving about the secret behind their radiant skin.

If you think Korean beauty is all about what they use, it’s not like how you think. For them, their skin is the first priority. And, they know the things that help them in making their skin more glowing. However, Korean men and women are working hard to nurture their skin type to get the desired skin. If you ever wonder how Korean women get spotless and flawless skin, you need to read this guide to know about k-beauty secrets for achieving clear skin.

10 Steps Korean Skin Care Regime 

A Korean skincare supplier says that every individual is crazy about having glass skin phenomena. It is the principal skin goal that makes your skin complexion more luminous and dewy. If you want to make your skin crystalline-like Koreans, you just need to follow their 10-steps skincare regime.

Once you understand the essential steps and realize what your skin actually needs, then you customize all these steps according to your skin concerns. So, read this blog thoroughly to develop a complete understanding of the Korean skincare regime.

  1. Use of oil-based cleanser

Many people do not know about the double cleansing method. Generally, the double cleansing method is part of the South Korean skincare regime, where they use two types of facial cleansers to get ultra-clean skin. You need to use cleansing oil to remove all the traces of makeup, sunscreens, pore-clogged impurities, and to remove excess sebum. The logic behind using the oil-based cleanser is to pull the oily substance out of your skin.  

  1. Use water-based cleanser

After using an oil-based cleanser or balm, the next step is using a water-based cleanser. This cleaner has a thick foaming wash, milky bubbles, and hydrating creams. When you follow this step, it helps in deep pore cleansing and removes any other particles that are left behind on the skin. More importantly, you need to choose the right cleanser based on your skin type. Usually, dermatologists recommend washing your face twice to rinse off impurities.  

  1. Exfoliate your skin weekly 

Exfoliating is one of the must-do beauty steps you need to follow for having a glowing and youthful complexion. It is simply the process of removing dead skin cells that might clog the skin pores that result in black and whiteheads or blemished skin. When you exfoliate your skin, it helps to promote the skin cell turnover, fade out the hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Exfoliation also helps to smooth rough patches on your skin.

  1. Always use toners

Using a toner is one of the best ways to keep your skin hydrating, and it also helps to maintain the pH level. Korean toners are different from astringent toners. When you use astringent toners, they may dry out your skin care. So, Koreans are focusing on using such toners that have hyaluronic acid that help to retain the moisture of your skin.

  1. Use facial essences

Facial essences basically work as a primer. In actuality, these are the substitute products of moisturizers, serums, and ampoules. The facial essences are light in weight and have a fast-absorbing effect. They penetrate the deeper skin layer to absorb all the goodness. You can choose it as per your skin requirements.

  1. Never forget to use sheet mask 

Sheet masks are quite common these days. These masks are face-shaped and help in providing supercharge moisture and nutrients to your skin in just a few minutes. It is the perfect and quick self-care ritual.

  1. Add facial serums & ampoules 

These skincare steps are the core of Korean beauty products, and it is all about having high-concentrated serums as per your skin care concern. You need to pay extra attention to its active ingredients that have special benefits such as acne treatment, dehydration, brightening, etc.  

  1. Use eye creams

The skin around our eyes is delicate and thin, which is why it easily shows the sign of aging like fine lines, dark circles, and wrinkles. You need to use eye creams that lock the moisture and give a brighter look.

  1. Moisturize your face day & night 

It is the most substantial step of all. This is the main stage where you can seal all the goodness that you have applied earlier. You need to use moisturizers as per your skin type; oily skin goes for water-based moisturizers, and dry skin goes for oil-based creams.

  1. Use SPF & Sunscreens at day time 

The last step is the use of sunscreens and SPF lotions that protect your skin care from ultraviolet rays. This step usually takes into consideration when you are going out in day time.