Give Velvet Touch by Laminating Display boxes

Give Velvet Touch by Laminating Display boxes

When it comes to making the presentation of products dynamic in front of consumers and influencing their purchases decision, promotion is always an essential tool as it serves the businesses to grab consumers’ attention and communicate with them efficiently. Display boxes can help businesses in the best possible way. They are manufactured with high-quality materials that are perfect for protecting the products and elevating the exposure to products. They can be printed in any desired illustrations and graphics and the marketing theme and logo of the business as they help to ensure the recognition of products in the market.

An overview

Packaging always dynamically serves the marketers in promoting products and keeping the risks of damage away from the products. For years, it has proved to be the best companion of businesses in the industry and is now considered an integral marketing tool for businesses. Still, the potentials of the design were not effective in the past. The traditional packaging designs used in the market lacked the printing options that effectively bring charm to the design, and the promotional potentials were close to none. Those packaging designs were only considered protective barriers for the products as they served to ensure the integrity of products rather than promoting them in the market.

The modern printing techniques and advancements in technology have unleashed the full marketing potentials of the packaging design, and the design is considered the marketing machine of the businesses. As the competition is elevating day by day, businesses are always looking for better packaging designs to boost products’ visuals and allure the consumers in a premium manner. The marketers also want the packaging design to be rich in communicative potentials to establish a better connection with their consumers and make the experience perfect for them. The packaging design should also be useful in the promotional potentials and impact the consumers to make the brand memorable.

Importance of displays

As the market competition is continuously elevating day by day, businesses always want creative tactics that can help them to elevate their reach and reputation in the market and make their brand more recognizable. The shelves in the market are now saturated with different product alternatives similar to quality and nature. It is the businesses’ prime responsibility to differentiate their products from other alternatives in an exotic way. The presentation of products in the market can serve the businesses most effectively, and they may use display boxes for the purpose. Custom boxes with logo manufactured of high-quality, sturdy cardboard and Kraft materials perfect in the protective characteristics. The versatile nature of the materials also serves the businesses to design the packaging in any desired shape and size and bundles of printing and lamination options. You can design the packaging with creative graphics and themes and use the lamination options such as velvet touch to make the design jump off from the rest.

What about lamination?

As the cardboard materials are superior in both the protective and versatile nature, they can be printed with any desired graphics and illustrations depending upon the product’s requirements. When it comes to laminations, they serve both protective and esthetical purposes. Businesses can select one easily according to their desire as bundles of laminations are available for the design. Ranging from matte to gloss UV, there is a variation in lamination options available for the design, but velvet touch is best. Velvet lamination is perfect for providing an exotic feel to your packaging as it is premium, provides an exclusive feel to packaging, and bundles protective advantages.

What is velvet lamination?

Velvet lamination is one of the most utilized finishing options in the market as it provides bundles of competitive advantages both for the esthetical purposes and protective functions. This is a soft textured lamination that provides a feel like fresh peach skin. It results in appealing muted colors of printing and the delicate feel that results in the long life of printing. This is also perfect for elevating the packaging’s feel and provides a deeper and richer nature of the packaging to the consumers. Scruff free velvet lamination is also available and can add a softer color feel with reduced contrasts. This flexible look is perfect for hooking consumers’ attention due to the lighter appearance and can surely elevate the effectiveness of display boxes for grabbing the attention of consumers on the market shelves.

Benefits the design provides

As we know that the lamination option is superior in providing both the protective and esthetical advantages, it can be used on the display packaging to make a perfect impression on consumers’ minds and bundles of other competitive advantages. Some of the unique facts about this exotic lamination are.

  • Velvet lamination provides you with a scratch-resistant packaging surface that is perfect for adding depth to the printed message and graphics
  • It provides a low contrast but yet elegant and exotic appearance to the packaging
  • The printing is durable and long-lasting and can allure the consumers for a long period.
  • It provides an appealing muted color theme of the packaging
  • It provides a velvet-like premium feel to your packaging design along with increasing the average life of printing due to its scratch-resistant and scruff free characteristics.