Five Requirements for Azerbaijan visa

Five Requirements for Azerbaijan visa

Azerbaijan visa

Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

There exist certain requirements for the e visa for Azerbaijan. Hence, the applicants need to fulfill these requirements quite cautiously. Any mistake in any of the steps or missing any requirement will lead to the rejection of the application. When the requirements for availing of the visa are completed perfectly then it is granted in a few business days only. The embassy does not take much time in processing the online applications. Upon approval of the application, the visa is emailed to the applicant within three business days. The five most important requirements of the Azerbaijan e visa are given as:

Valid Passport

The applicant must apply for the Azerbaijan visa by using a valid passport. It must have validity for at least months. The embassy of Azerbaijan does not permit visas for candidates who apply with a passport of fewer than three months validity. For Azerbaijan travels, the applicant must take this requirement quite seriously. Else, the risk of visa application rejection would be enhanced.

Duly filled Visa Application Form

Azerbaijan visa can be availed online. The applicant can apply at the official website of the Azerbaijan embassy. Download the application form for the visa and then read it thoroughly. Now, respond to all the queries mentioned on the application form and enter the personal details in it quite carefully. Cross-check these to avoid any upcoming issues.

Passport Size Photos

In order to travel to Azerbaijan without any hassles, you need to focus on all the visa requirements for Azerbaijan. One of the important reAzerbaijan is an Islamic country that is bounded by the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea. Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani is the official language of the country. The Azerbaijan embassy offers different visas for Azerbaijan. Among the variety of Azerbaijan visas, the e visa Azerbaijan is the most availed one. People apply for Azerbaijan e visa to visit the natural beauty of the country. Requirements include the submission of passport size photos. These must be with a plain background and should be two in number. Rather than using any old passport size photo, consider using the current passport size photo for submission. It will help in streamlining the process and make it quick and easier.

Complementary Documents

There is certain documentation that needs to be submitted along with the online application form. Scan these documents and submit them. These include the travel details such as the ticket booking and accommodation details. Submit the documents pertaining to these. The flight tickets and hotel booking confirmation documents must be submitted after scanning. The complementary documentation varies from one visa type to another.

For instance, if it is meant to avail the study visa then the applicant has to submit the documentation regarding the educational institute. It includes the admission approval, university name, and its details. Likewise, the business person has to submit documents regarding their business for availing of the business visa.

Payment for E-Visa

Before applying for the Azerbaijan visa, you must know about the fee for the visa. The fee for the visas for Azerbaijan is USD 25$. However, there also exists a service fee which is USD 20$. In case of urgency and super urgency, the fee varies. Hence, in the online application form of the Azerbaijan visa, the applicant must choose the nature of the visa.

The urgent visa fee for Azerbaijan is USD 50. While for the super urgent service, the service fee for the applicant would be USD 80$. The applicant should share the valid email address with the embassy. Azerbaijan visa is sent to the applicants at the email id provided by them. The online process is quite simple and rapid. Hence, a lot of people can be dealt with smoothly through such a platform.

Visa Exempt Countries

Azerbaijan permits the citizens of 12 countries to visit it without availing the Azerbaijan visa. The countries that are visa-exempt for Azerbaijan are Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Turkey, Serbia, Tajikistan, and Russia. Besides this, it also includes Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Georgia, and Belarus. The citizens of these countries can enter Azerbaijan without a visa. Moreover, they can stay in the country for a duration of up to ninety days.