How Different Inserts in Custom Boxes Provide Safe Delivery of the Products?

How Different Inserts in Custom Boxes Provide Safe Delivery of the Products?

Inserts are used to create separate storage compartments in larger boxes. Your packaging is a very effective marketing tool for your business. However, your packaging needs need to consider more than just the box. Lightweight, easy to install, durable, and inserts include several choices. Corrugated cardboard made from environmentally friendly materials can be considered an excellent choice for blocking, supporting, and filling gaps in packaging.

 Adding a packaging insert to your box may seem simple but it may just be the most important cherry your brand needs. Not only can it improve the customer’s unboxing experience, but it can also provide effective leads for cross-selling, encourage feedback. Let’s see the ways by which these inserts help protect the products packed inside the custom boxes.

Provide the Best Protection via Insulation

Foam inserts offer optimal protection during transport. The choice of foam can be made based on the weight and fragility of the product to be transported. Despite its lightweight, foam is a strong material that can help prevent damage to the product during transport.

The foam is precisely cut to fit inside the shell, which provides the best protection for the product. After the foam is installed in the box, it can protect the product from all aspects and ensure that it is fully protected from shocks during transportation and storage.

The foam acts as a thermal insulator because items are often exposed to extreme temperatures and cold environments. Extreme temperatures can often damage fragile products. The foam box insert protects the product from extreme weather conditions.

Resist Pressure to the Product inside the Custom Boxes

Foam inserts are stronger than bubble wrap or other types of packaging inserts, simply because they can withstand a lot of pressure. It also ensures protection regardless of the type of vibration or the drop of the box. You can rest assured that the goods you transport will reach their destination safely.

These help to grab the Attention of Customers

From a marketing point of view, inserts are one of the bases for attracting customer attention. These automatically adjust your packaging to adapt, represent and enhance your products. This strengthens your brand and products have greater credibility.  Inserts are often the first things potential customers come into contact with because these have covered your product. Therefore, using the inserts inside the boxes to make a good first impression is key to gaining new customers. When making a purchase decision, consumers usually make choices based on the packaging presentation.

The good visual performance of your brand and products is the backbone of effective marketing. Designing eye-catching packaging inserts designs helps your brand stand out from the competition. Having excellent and effective products presentation is essential to brand success. Inserts are the next step in strengthening the brand and earning the company’s reputation.

These Inserts impart a Surprise Factor in Packaging

These box inserts can be made into products that fit almost any size or shape, in any desired layout or combination. The professional-looking packaging ensures the safe transport of the products. At the same time, these help to produce the surprise factor that every company is looking for. Having a specific and safe place to store unused items means that packaging inserts can also help keep promotional products longer.

The promotional insert module can be made with various types of advanced foam. It can perfectly complement any product, from non-polluting or colored open cell foam to closed cell dense foam. Additionally, the foam inserts can be cut into standard sheets or egg crate styles, providing complete customization for any design plan.

Create an Unforgettable Experience

Digital marketing has quickly become the most effective and important marketing strategy. Social media has become an important platform for brands to promote their products and services. The secret tool for effective use of the platform is through the customer. What does it mean? Instagram Stories have given unboxing videos too much popularity. Customers, especially those who are considered Instagram influencers, post videos showing them new products they could buy.

Smaller Instagram-based influencers tend to post more authentic content. This is where the customer experience in packaging comes into play. If the package has unique, luxurious, and/or quirky design inserts, customers will be more inclined to record their reactions in real-time by opening the package.

This captures and improves the customer experience in real-time. It also helps to allow you to record any future improvements you wish to make to your packaging, inserts, or product design.

Printed inserts provide excellent Brand Advertisement

Inserts are more than just protection. Adding a personal touch to your inserts can establish a real connection with your customers and enhance the unboxing experience.

As mentioned above, box packaging can provide high-quality printing capabilities to your product. It helps to allow your creativity to play a leading role.

Not only will you attract customers on a more personalized basis, but you’ll also be able to establish a strong brand narrative throughout the product packaging.

For example, you can convey information such as;

  • Instructions
  • Thank you note
  • Warning raw material

The cosmetic industry often uses this technique to guide customers’ makeup and how to best use their products. Printed inserts offer an excellent cross-promotion opportunity for other products or your brand. This helps to keep the sales of your company maximum.