Stay Calm: 6 Apps to Beat Stress and Depression

Stay Calm: 6 Apps to Beat Stress and Depression

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Stress and depression are what we face in our daily life. According to experts, more than 350 million people on the planet suffer from this. Hard work, household chores, and other problems can cause this condition, and it’s very important to deal with it before it develops into a more serious illness. 

What ways do you know to get rid of stress? For example, you can rent a car and go on a road trip. It would be a great idea to take a one way pickup truck rental and enjoy a ride through tranquil locations like the California Coast or the iconic Highway 66. Driving in your rental car will let you disconnect from your daily troubles and calm your mind. 

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s impossible to drop everything and go on a journey. In such cases, your smartphone and the necessary application installed on it will come in handy. So, if you’re feeling anxious, fearful, unable to sleep, or concentrating on work, check out the following apps. Each of them has its own techniques and methods. However, the goal is always the same – they will help you cope with stress.


Calm is a relaxation and meditation app. According to Camila Cabello, she and Shawn Mendes got hooked on this app during self-isolation. The meditation sessions offered by the app helped Camila cope with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The singer especially recommended Jeff Warren’s 30-day meditation program, which becomes available after downloading the app. Apparently, this is one of the reasons why Calm was named App of the Year by Apple and Google Play. 

In addition to meditation sessions, the app offers bedtime stories, breathing exercises, soothing sounds of nature, relaxing music, and even training on how to change your life.


One day, Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe set out to make meditation accessible and understandable for everyone – this is how the Headspace application appeared. Andy has made meditation a daily habit with an easy-to-use colorful app, clear instructions, and visuals. 

One of the advantages of the app is the many types of meditation, from the usual practice of mindfulness to sleeping, running, and eating meditation. There are meditations for every purpose. They can help you relieve stress and anxiety, get more creative, become happier, concentrate, and much more.

In addition, the application offers special meditation programs in order to return to normal immediately after a panic attack or an overabundance of emotions. The main feature of Headspace is its interface – cute animations with funny characters cheer you up and leave a pleasant impression.

10% happier 

The idea for the app comes from Dan Harris, a journalist, and author of a book he wrote in 2014 after experiencing a panic attack. This experience not only became the basis for a bestseller but also turned into a podcast and then became an application. The app’s name symbolizes the fact that meditation doesn’t have to completely change your life. 

10% Happier offers users not only meditation session collections and bedtime stories, but also educational and inspirational videos. Users have access to meditation interviews with scientists ranging from cognitive neuroscientists to internationally renowned meditation teachers. If you are interested in meditation and want to learn a lot about it, then this application will suit you.


Invented by the iPlay founders, Happify helps you manage mental health issues through gamification. Psychologists and CBT specialists have contributed to the development of Happify. The app determines the emotional state of the customer using specific questions. Then it offers small tasks and games aimed at changing his way of thinking. As a result, this helps to beat stress and focus on the positive moments in life. 

Happify is looking for an individual approach to each user. Artificial intelligence will chat with you, and select tasks and games especially for you.


This is another application that successfully uses artificial intelligence to help people with mental disorders or inner distress. Youper founder, psychiatrist Jose Hamilton, said that he decided to create an app because he wanted to make psychological help more accessible. According to him, many people with mental disorders don’t seek qualified help because of their fears. Those people are afraid to talk about their personal problems with someone else, while others simply can’t afford to pay for psychotherapy. 

Every day the Youper chatbot asks the same question: “How are you?” Youper then builds the conversation around your answer to help you deal with your feelings, improve your mood, and overcome symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Created by a group of experts, artificial intelligence engages in dialogue using techniques from a variety of psychological therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, acceptance and responsibility therapy, and meditation. It’s supposed that these questions and tasks will help you to better understand your emotions, thoughts, and behavior.


Unlike Youper, this app allows you to not only track and analyze your feelings. It also offers a variety of ways to help you cope with depression. Sanvello teaches mindfulness skills and helps you track your mood and health. How does it do this? 

Thisa software was developed under the guidance of clinical and psychological experts who offer a variety of clinically proven resourcessuch as cognitive behavioral therapy or meditationIn this appthe user must enter a chart of the symptoms he or she suffers from and the goals he or she seeks to achieve in order to receive a customized program of techniques and exercises.

The app asks questions every day to help you identify your emotions and a pattern in your mood. In addition, the app offers several programs to help you gain confidence. You’ll feel better, control your emotions, or fight stress through meditation. Each of them combines audio lessons with practical exercises. 

Sanvello also helps relieve fears. For example, you can overcome your fear of public speaking. The app assesses your progress and sets goals for the future. The program makes it possible to get help from a qualified psychologist, as well as share your experiences with other members of the community via chat and video communication.