Advantages and disadvantages of online education

Advantages and disadvantages of online education

online doctor consultation

If you are feeling sick or experiencing any health problems, you meet a physician. The doctors provide consultation to the patients and prescribe medications. They may also recommend physical examination, blood tests, x-rays, if needed. You are probably not visiting a physician today in a clinic due to pandemic situation. Many doctors are not willing to conduct physical examination or meet the patients personally. If your physician is not willing to give appointment, then you should ask for online doctor consultation.  If you are using a Smartphone, then the doctors provide online services on your apps.

Doctor’s online consultation today

You always visited your physician when you experienced any unusual symptom. The doctors prescribed pills to resolve health problem or suggested some therapies. But today, due to pandemic situation, people are not willing to personally meet anyone. Corona virus is a problem caused due to physical and social contacts. It is a contagious disease that spreads from person to person. Usually, people who are experiencing serious health problems or contagious diseases such as coronavirus are only allowed in the hospitals.

Advantages of online consultation

You can book for an appointment for online doctor consultation. Then, the doctor can specify timings for appointment. They provide consultation to the patients online. You can interact with the doctors online and state your problems. You can state the symptoms you are experiencing and the doctors can prescribe medication online. Some doctors are engaged in preparing medicines and they can dispatch the medications at your doorsteps. You need not pay conveyance expenses and avail treatment at home. You can also prevent contagious diseases such as coronavirus, cold, cough, etc. In the house, you can stay safely.  People who are suffering from problems such as arthritis, back pain, lumbar or spinal dislocation, etc can stay at home and avail treatment. If they apply physical pressure, then they experience severe pain.

Disadvantages of online consultation

The doctor cannot physically examine the patient but provide medications to the patient. They can also recommend some home-based therapies to the patients. The doctors should provide medications, based upon the symptoms of the patients. So, the doctors should carefully listen to the patient and conclude the illness of the patient. They can check the previous records of the patients and access the medical history. So, they can diagnose the disease of the patients based upon the online interaction and accessing previous medical records. But, ultimately they may not provide accurate diagnostic results. If the patient is not properly mentioning the symptoms, then the doctor can be confused. But, the doctors can provide free online doctor consultation to the patients.

Providing online services to the coronavirus patients

The patients who are experiencing serious coronavirus symptoms are admitted to the hospitals. Otherwise, the patients are recommended for home quarantine. Such persons can always meet the doctors online and state their symptoms. The doctors periodically examine their health and prescribe new medications if required.  The patients can always update their health with the doctors. If they are experiencing any serious