A Guide to Help you Convert Square Meter to Square Feet

A Guide to Help you Convert Square Meter to Square Feet

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Are you looking to convert square meters to square feet? Many people interested in buying land want to know how to convert square meter to square feet. 

However, a majority of people use the manual method to convert square meter to square feet. In turn, they don’t get precisely correct results. 

But with different types of calculators available online these days, it is also possible to convert square meter to square feet easily. Yes, it is possible using the area conversion calculator and a land calculator. 

Here is a quick guide to help you in the conversion procedure from sq meter to sq feet.

How to convert sq meter to sq feet easily?

A square meter unit is converted to square feet. It is done by multiplying the former with 10.764. 

For example, if you wish to convert 15 sq meters to sq feet, it can be computed easily. 

15 square meter = 15 x 10.764 = 161.46 square feet. 

You can also use the area converter to arrive at the actual unit. 

Also, the square meter to square feet conversion is simple and can be done using the below formula: 

Ft2 = m2 x 10.764.

Nowadays, the availability of a sq meter to sq feet calculator has made it dead easy to simplify those calculations. The online tool is made available on a lender’s or a third-party website for free and could be used 24×7. 

What is Square Meter (Sq Mt)?

You should be aware that when a plot of land is square, then the boundary’s length is one meter. To complete the plot formula, the multiplications of two sides will be needed. It will lead to the result in square meters. But, the unit is not used to compute a single length or a specific direction. 

An area’s square meter is not equal to an area’s square meter. For instance, if you have a plot with 4 meter length and width, the plot’s area is 16 square meter. But if you have a 4m square plot, then the area will be 16 meters squared. 

What are Square Feet (Sq Ft)?

India is a vastly populated country. Hence, there is a huge diversity in land computing units. But, after the introduction of the RERA Act, all lands, like commercial and residential properties, are measured in Square Feet. 

You are now aware of the formula and the steps that can help you to convert square meter to square feet

Yes, it is a standard measurement unit. Hence, the prices remain fixed and stand correct. It is now not possible for any fraudulent activity to occur to impact a broker or individual. 

If you live in the Northern side of India, you can use Biswa, Kanal and Bigha. You will need to convert Bigha to Square Feet. Biswa needs to be converted into Square Feet and Kanal into Sq Ft. 

1 Bigha means 14348.29 Sq Ft. 1 Biswa is known as 1350 Sq Ft, while 1 Kanal is equal to 5445 Sq Ft. 

Anyone living in the South of India needs to know how to convert Guntha to Square Feet and Ground to Square Feet.    

1 Guntha is equivalent to 1089 Square Feet, and 1 Ground equals 2400 Square Feet. 

But what is vital to note is that the value for local units is subject to changes from areas to areas. 

Hence, getting it converted into standard units will assist you in fixing the property’s price easily. 

Now, you are in a better position to convert square meter to square feet and even help others who still rely on the manual method to arrive at the results. 

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