7 Things to Keep In Mind While Pimping Out Brand Instagram Bio

7 Things to Keep In Mind While Pimping Out Brand Instagram Bio

Here are some suggestions on how you can make your Instagram profile appealing captivating, appealing, and will make users want to follow you. The process of creating a compelling Instagram bio is similar to making a business card. This is the very first impression we leave on our customers.

Additionally, Instagram is so popular in the present that users often type in a company’s URL in Instagram Search in lieu of Google search. It’s true that it’s not for every field however, the reach of Instagram is so large today that virtually every company must consider having a presence on the platform. The problem is with you if you wish to make the most memorable impression (let’s be real, you must! ) Stand out from the crowd, stand out, and be remembered and thus build communities, market your product and boost the ROI.

And that’s what this new series of Instagram for business-related posts will be all about.

Let’s look at some of the items that seem evident and easy to comprehend. After examining a lot of accounts for companies the bios appear to require more thought than they appear. Let’s examine your bio step-by-step to make sure it’s the most effective Instagram bio you could have and also make your followers desire to follow your page!


This is the very first thing to think about, and the first step to create when you sign up for your Instagram account. What is the best way to do it?

The first thing to consider is that it should be simple to write and simple to recall. People often talk about Instagram and their most liked profiles, and if they can are able to remember the username, they’ll recommend it or even tag it in a matter of seconds. Avoid underscores and dots whenever you can, and do not use at least one underscore per row, as it’s not countable to eyes of a human. Punctuation marks could be a viable option in cases where your brand’s name is well-known and is already used.

Here’s the next step: when choosing the name of your account It’s important to consider if it’s the name of your company or something that’s related to what you’re working on (brand hero? topic?). It’s completely your decision, as is your marketing strategy, of course however, make sure your login information is the same for every social media platform where the brand’s presence is evident. It’s crucial to connect logins in order to help users to reach you and get in touch with you.

I’m sure you’ll think that your website address is the right option because it redirects as well… put it down! Stop here and take a time to read Instagram’s Terms of Service In which the 12th paragraph of the Basic Terms states:

You should not make use of domain names or web URLs in your username without the prior written approval from Instagram. And don’t go to your business page without buying Instagram followers Sweden because it’s the best strategy these days.


In the settings there is also the option to create your own name that, unlike usernames must be the complete name of your company. It is also beneficial to include the keywords or an explanation in a brief manner. Name and Username are the only pieces of information in your profile Instagram uses in search results. By making it simple, you can improve the ease of discover.

Profile Photo

The rule of consistency is vitally important. The best profile photo is one that can be compared to your other social media channels that you manage as the brand.

The best choice is to select a profile image that can be used across all social media profiles of your company. It should be clear and easy to connect with. It could be your logo for your business, or your brand’s hero, or even a picture (of items, for example). Keep in mind that the avatar on Instagram is very small, so it should be simple to understand.

Our logo was chosen for a profile picture that is easy to read. We also decided to choose Brand24app as our username since we believe that the brand name for our business is already used by Instagram. However, it’s also simple and constant.

Bio Description

This is where you must present your brand, demonstrate your brand’s personality and encourage your audience to follow the profile. All this in just 150 characters.

These are suggestions to help you:

  • Use the same language you utilize for communication in photographs, descriptions, commentaries and direct messaging.
  • Briefly write, and use words to define the personality and design of the brand
  • Break up your text using lines and spacing for a more easy read.
  • Do not be afraid to utilize emojis. It can help in expressing the personality and emotions of your brand
  • if you run a place, i.e. a cafe is also beneficial to mention opening hours.
  • to build a community that is engaged for the profile for building a community around a profile, it’s great to create the brand’s hashtag in the bio. This is the ideal location to place it! Hashtags are great for community-building that run Instagram events or competitions or tracking campaigns, and are simple to observe and analyse;
  • Don’t forget to mention the call to take action! Make sure that people are encouraged to stay in your presence and follow you!

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This is the only spot within the Instagram account wherein you have the option to add a clickable link. *

This wouldn’t work in the description of the photo or in the comments section, but you can tap here and navigate to on the site. Don’t pass up this opportunity!

You can simply link to your home page or blog posts that are up to date or a landing page that is dedicated to your business one that features the most recent products or sales. It’s your choice! Make sure that your link is updated every time you add “link is in the bio” in the post’s description.

*) In the event that you don’t already have more than 10k subscribers on your business account, and you have the option to include URLs in Stories.


Business Accounts

If you have an Instagram account for your company I’m assuming that’s the reason you’re in this post it’s likely that you have your account set to business mode.

If not, here’s a brief tutorial created by Instagram on how to accomplish it:

What are the benefits of this feature? There isn’t any evidence that it will affect Instagram algorithm in any negative way, however it will provide you with the opportunity to gain new features, for instance, statistics for your account (which I will explain more in detail in one of the upcoming posts in the series).

What happens to your bio? A business’s profile offers an additional option you can utilize to improve your profile and more effective in conversion.


You can select the category you want to use on your fan page. It is independent of the category you choose for your fan page. Be particular and tell people the things you’re involved in in addition to the focus for your fan page.

Contact Options

When you’re in the Business mode, you can get another option such as certain contact buttons. Complete the entire form in the account settings, then add the phone number, address as well as an e-mail address into Contact Options. Create it as easy for you to contact you as you can.