5 Most Popular Myths about Instagram for Business Debunked

5 Most Popular Myths about Instagram for Business Debunked


Instagram! An exciting photo-sharing app that has quickly grown into an enormous social network that has over 400 million users and an impressive web presence. Did you realize that in 2014, adult Internet people were much more likely to join Instagram as opposed to Twitter in general? In this guide, we’ll establish a well organize report conducted by https://igdean.com, that shows several myths about Instagram business growth.


Despite its rising popularity and its impressive impact, the concept of Instagram marketing is still an in-fancy concept, and many companies do not realize its potential. One of the reasons is probably the most well-known myths that hinder companies from making use of Instagram for marketing in any way. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hiring manager seeking new ways to showcase the values and values of your business or a marketing professional in the e-commerce sector seeking a method to advertise your services or products Here are the five most popular misconceptions regarding using Instagram for businesses that it’s time to debunk.

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Five Most Likely Myths About Instagram for Business

1. Only “Visual” Brands Allowed

Wrong. There is no need to be a model to shine on Instagram and interact efficiently with followers. Sure, visually-driven companies like food, fashion and lifestyle businesses can do everything easier and really experience Instagram like they do in their normal environment, but they aren’t the only kinds of businesses that can benefit from Instagram opportunities for marketing. There are many other items you could share on Instagram in lieu of images of products such as your company’s culture.

Although it’s Monday, we’re still pondering contemplating our first trip as an integration. The two days were amazing together with the entire team brand24. ???? #integration #trip #meeting #brand24 #team #groupphoto #instaframe #behindthescenes #havingfun #fun #startup #startuplife #wyjazdintegracyjny #integracja #wyjazd #spotkanie #zdjeciegrupowe #instaramka #wszyscyrazem


A photo shared on Instagram by Brand24 (@brand24app) via Sep 28, 2015 at 4:50am PDT


Another company that follows the same model is, for instance one of the largest New York City-based pizza chain called Pizza Pilgrims. Despite the amount of food happening in their kitchens, Pizza Pilgrims decided to bring some spice to the company’s Instagram profile, and include amusing images of their staff themselves. Beautiful example of a brand who has a proud humanity and wants to showcase it!


The development of the ginger hairstyle, featuring Thom Pizzaiolo Fabio and the adventurer extraordinaire @conway_sean ?


A photo posted by pizzapilgrims (@pizzapilgrims) on Dec 16, 2015 at 12:28pm PST


2. Not Measurable Results

It’s true that Instagram doesn’t have an analytics tool built in however, there are numerous third-party tools to analyze Instagram posts Instagram posts and provide you with the most accurate data to inform your social media plan. SimplyMeasured, Iconosquare and InstaFollow are three examples.


3. The Options to Interact are Limited

Actually, not so much. Although Instagram is mostly mobile-based and, unlike other social networks , it is a completely video-based and photo-centric app (up up to fifteen seconds of video are permitted) without text updates however, there are many ways to interact with your users and increase traffic to your account. You might consider:


Tagging works in similar to the other Social media sites. It is just a matter of remembering to include your tags prior to posting an image. A small tag icon will be visible in the lower left-hand corner.

Mentioning – just like on Twitter use the @ symbol to refer to and include others in your posts or in your captions to photos or videos.

liking – to share an image you have to either click on the image with a doube-like or click the heart icon underneath the post.

Commenting using the comment button right next to the like button.

Direct messaging is a way to converse in a private manner through “Instagram Direct”. To get access, you’ll need to visit the home page of the app and then click on the top right corner button. A blank window with a message will be displayed.

4. No Advertising Possibilities

It’s all wrong. Instagram has become more business-friendly and came up with three distinct kinds of advertisements.  Those are available on the platform which includes: Photo Ads and Videos Ads along with Carousel Ads. The first two appear like normal videos or photos, however, they include the “Sponsored” label on the top. Carousel ads are similar to Photo Ads but feature multiple images that viewers can scroll through, as well as they have a button that is a call-to-action button that will take the user to a different site to find out more about it.


5. Links do Not Work on Instagram

It’s actually partially the truth. The only place you can post a functioning hyperlink on Instagram is in your bio. Users won’t be in a position to click the link if you do not place it in your photo or video. The best thing you can do, nevertheless, is put note in your caption that the link is valid present on your profile. You can alter it to make it suitable for a special promotion or other campaigns.


Are you aware of other myths that deter companies to use Instagram? Post them in the comment section. If you like this post, you may consider taking an eye on this article. Six Best ways to utilize Instagram to Increase the Profitability of Your business.

Differences Between Snapchat and Instagram Stories

The Internet is abuzz with information about Instagram’s new feature called Instagram Stories. Soon after it was announced, news ignited an argument since Stories are a close an clone of Snapchat’s central feed. Check out our initiative and the reach of social media associated with the subject. Be aware that you are able to monitor any subject you want to monitor. Take a look with our trial for free!


It’s not the first time that Facebook replicates Snapchat. Do you remember Facebook’s apps that didn’t work earlier like Poke, Slingshot and Instagram Bolt.


The feature lets you share every moment of one’s day without the requirement of saving the images and videos. Instead, all pictures and videos are presented in the form of a feeder, more accurately, an article. A story is available only for all hours of the day.